Extremely high latency with lzw 36 and hubitat

I have 5 of these devices - all 5 are experiencing extremely high latency with Hubitat

By latency I mean delay between for example turning on/off a light via Hubitat and the action occurring - sometimes up to 30 seconds or more

I don’t have the issue on any other zwave devices and it’s happening on all 5 inovelli which have been all installed this week.

How do I troubleshoot this ? It’s not a zwave distance because when it happens it happens to a switch in the same room as the hub

It’s not 100% of the time but it’s very often. I’ve rebooted Hubitat and ai don’t know where to start looking



What version of Hubitat hardware do you have?

What firmware version are you running on Hubitat?

What firmware version are the LZW36s? And what driver are you using for them?


Hubitat version is

Hardware version Rev C-5

Switch firware are all at * firmware : 1.34


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Can you check your logs when you send commands to Hubitat from the switch? You said it happens sometimes and then other times it doesn’t. Can you see in the logs that it’s taking longer to communicate at some times vs others?

Actually there is a new firmware release for the LZW36: https://community.inovelli.com/t/firmware-v1-36-beta-lzw36-fan-light-red-series/

It looks like there is a 700ms delay that can be diabled with the newest version, could that be the issue you are seeing?


I will update, wasnt sure about stability of beta.

I dont think the delay addressed in beta is my issue, as my issue ws with zwave, nit the local button

How long does stats stay at Padding hex bytes… during firmware update?

Strange I have the same hub, the same HE firmware (and used this switch with several other HE FW versions) and can say I haven’t seen this. Ever. This is also with the previous FW versions and current of the fan/light switch.

I know, not helpful… What does your Z-Wave mesh look like? Did the new FW fix the issue. depending on your Z-wave network, you may want to run a repair because 30-ish second is way too long.

The only thing I have experienced is that the light appears to turn on very slowly with certain bulbs. Like 5-10 seconds, Even when I have calibrated the min/max values. I was able to determine it was the bulbs in the first unit after I installed the second and the second fixtures light turned on almost instantly. I then went back to the first unit and switched the LED bulbs with incandescent to confirm the issue.


this morning the problem seems to have gone, though not sure if its temporary or not

I did try update firmware but got stuck on Padding hex bytes… so didnt move forward

I dont have issues with other zwave devices and I dont think it is/was related to distance becuase the issue would happen with a switch in same room as the hub, and right next to another zwave switch

nonetheless I am running a repair now.


Glad it has worked itself out for now. There are actually two firmware updaters out there from @bcopeland. The second one is in the Hubitat Z-Wave Firmware Updater post quite a ways down. It is also in his Github. I have it on my list to create an updated KB article about it.

The one to use with the LZW36 is the “Binary Firmware Updater”.