Factory Reset NZW39

I have been using my NZW39 and a Wink hub for a while. I threw away my WInk hub and bought a Smartthings hub. How do I reset the NZW39 back to factory defaults and then include to the Smartthings hub?

I have tried all the things I could find and nothing works.

Please help. I would like to get this dome during the lockdown.


Hey @stevendom57 - happy to help!

Please follow these directions:

  • Open up your ST app
  • Click on the menu (three lines at the top left)
  • Click on Devices and search for your Hub (select it)
  • Click on the three dots at the top right
  • Select, “Z-Wave Utilities” and then, "Z-Wave Exclusion’
  • Press the button 5x rapidly
  • Your device should be excluded (factory reset)

To include it, do the following:

  • At the main menu, press the (+) sign
  • Select, “Devices”
  • Type in, “Z-Wave” and select it
  • Click on, “Generic Z-Wave Device”
  • Select it again
  • Select the hub and room you want
  • Start the pairing/inclusion process
  • Press the button 5x rapidly
  • Wait for it to include

Let me know if that helps!