Faint ticking from red series dimmer

I just installed a bunch of Inovelli on/off and dimmers in my house and for the most part they’re working flawlessly. But in one case I was replacing an ELV dimmer (which also happened to be the only box in my house without a neutral). It took some playing around with settings to get it to work properly and eliminate all flickering but now the dimmer seems to be doing a good job of controlling the light. Only problem is that I hear a very faint ticking from the switch at all times (both when on and off). Any theories on what’s causing the ticking and is this normal? Is this a function of not having a neutral? It’s so faint that I have to hold my ear next to the switch to actually hear it so I’m not worried about it from a practical perspective unless it’s a sign of a safety issue.


I’m not sure I can answer your question directly however the only thing I know that can “click” is the relay, and it shouldn’t.

You should post:

  1. how fast / slow is the click.
  2. wiring diagram and make and model # of the ELV load
  3. Parameter settings
  4. Switch firmware version.