Fan and Light Switch Availability

I am looking to buy two more fan and light switches, but can’t find anywhere. Are there plans for them to become available anytime soon?

Info here on the new approach that’s planned:

Does this mean that the current model of fan/light is not going to be available at all? I have three installed in my home, and would need one more, I wish I could order the same one to match the others…

Correct - that original model won’t get another production run, so your best bet is to watch for someone selling one. When the 800-series ZW version and/or zigbee version is released, there will likely be an uptick of folks replacing the original version.

Bummer. I also have 2 of the Fan & Light switches and have been waiting for them to be back in stock because I need 4 more. How about a trade in on the old switches? I want them to match.

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