Fan and Light switch - side led not working and lamp switch does not turn on lights

We have two light and fan switch in our house. Both been working until the one in our master bedroom the side blue led went out about two months ago or so … We contact invoellli support about it and they asked for screebshot of switch parameter.

Two days ago … the light switch no longer turn on the lights … fan switch still works thou …

We emailed support and haven’t heard back yet but we are wondering if anyone experience anything like this and managed to fix it? Will you share how you fixed it? factory reset? etc.

Thank you

Have you tried the air gap switch? Cycling circuit breaker?

Not yet … I’ll try the breaker when I get home from work … Thanks for the feedback!

Looks like Nate responded on March 24th and you just responded 10hrs ago. Looking forward to getting those screenshots and apologies for the issue. Hopefully Nate can get you taken care of. Great suggestion by @harjms!

It cool with me. Everyone got a busy life and the first email was about the leds since switch was still working as intended and I tried a couple of troubleshooting with no luck that time then I put it on hold since I got busy.

Until about 3 days and lights stop working

@harjms @Eric_Inovelli

Thank you to you both! Air gap what fixes it and it even restored the leds on the side of the switches. I got my lights working again on the fan.


The airgap button is labeled G as shown below. You can pull it out about 1/8 of an inch and then push it back in to reset the switch.


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Thank you Nate!

it’s finally working again …

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