Fan + Light Switch (LZW36) - Any remote control recommendations?

Is there a recommended remote control to use with this device? If not a 2.4ghz that “speaks its language”, maybe a (reasonably priced) z-wave/zigbee remote I can pair with SmartThings to turn the fan/lights on and off?

Just one of many use cases:
Your partner is sleeping so voice command is not an option, now you have to leave the bed to use the wall switch, which kind of defeats the purpose of a smart switch.

Get a button like the ST button. Use pushed for one function and held for the other.


You got me thinking… to simulate a traditional fan remote I will need 5 buttons:

  • 3 buttons for speed (each speed button should turn the fan on - if not already on - and set the corresponding speed (1, 2 or 3).
  • One button to turn the fan off.
  • One last button to toggle the light state (between on and off).

A total of 5 buttons.
I just tested the Ikea 5 buttons remote and it pairs and works well with SmartThings.

Sounds like a good fit. All I need now is to get my hands on one LZW36.

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I typically just use Pico remotes in most of our rooms for fan/light controls but I’m currently using a basic SmartThings button in my office. The magnetic bottom allows me to attach it to one of the metallic legs of my desk.

I realized I never really use the low setting so decided I only needed on/off, medium and high options for my fan.

Anyway, here us what I’m doing with just 3 buttons and the Rule Machine app on Hubitat:

Single press = toggle lights on/off
Double press = toggle fan on/off
Press and Hold = conditional action: If fan speed is on high, set to medium. Else, set to high.

That way, even if the fan is off and I’m not paying attention, if I press and hold it will just set itself to high.

Lutron remote is far more intuitive to guests but even with a 3 button you could control light and fan toggle as well as cycle all fan speeds with hold if you wanted.

Interesting what you did with the SmartThings button :+1:
You mentioned Lutron remotes, I’d love to use it but I don’t think they integrate with SmartThings, do they?

I don’t use them, but folks in the ST forum have had some success. Maybe not seamless, but they get them to work.

You could also just have a button that cycles through fan speeds. Not sure how to do that with ST, but with HA it would be pretty easy with some automations.

I love them, I even have a Lutron bridge, dimmer and two remotes I bought so I could experiment with them.

You are right, not seamless at all.
SmartThings cannot see the remotes so what people use a proxies.
Let’s say i have a pico controlling a light bulb. Now I can use the status of the light bulb to trigger something. I know when the “On” button was pressed because the proxy (light bulb) is turned on.

Now imagine if you have a tons of picos for fans and stuff like that. It can get pretty ugly.

If only someone had nice looking, versatile remotes like those using z-wave or zigbee man… life would be a lot easier (and they would make a lot of money I guess).

Anyway… I’m seriously considering Hubitat for this reason only.

That would be easy to achieve with SmartThings however going from max speed to a lower one may not provide the best experience. I won’t be sure if I went from 3 to 2 or 1 until after a couple of seconds have passed and the fan have slowed down enough for me to tell.