Fan + Light Switch (LZW36) Local Config

Hi, I’m installing a bunch of Inovelli switches in new construction so I don’t have my smart hub available yet. I’ve been configuring a handful of parameters locally for now until I can get the hub transferred to the new location.

I installed one of the fan + light switches and everything seems to be working properly (I can adjust both the light and fan speed) except local config mode. When I try to enter config mode (holding buttons A and B for 10 seconds) the led bar lights up green, then yellow but when I release the buttons it flashes red 3 times.

So far I’ve tried resetting both the switch and fan controller but no luck.

Any suggestions?

Came here to ask the same question as I am experiencing the same scenario.

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For what it’s worth - I never ended up fully resolving this. Inovelli offered to replace my switch, but for me, the minor inconvenience wasn’t worth removing the RF receiver from the fan canopy.

After I getting my smart hub set up, I have been able to configure all parameters properly through that.