Fan & Light Switch (Project Hurricane)

Holy crap! That was a fast response and by the CEO! Looking to replace my Lutron Caseta lineup when your remotes and regular fan switch comes out. Keep up the great work!

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A relative wants to start a smart home and I recommended him Inovelli and he wants to replace the whole house which is 5,000 sq ft so look forward to those purchases! Lol


Sometimes I like to take a step down from my ivory throne and enter the community. It’s tough leaving the life of luxury, surrounded by the constant line of hungry Popeye’s Chicken customers on one side of my castle shouting for their #2’s (make sure it’s crispy) and the constant smell of powerwashed grease coming from the restaurant to the other side of my kingdom.

Lol, all kidding aside, happy to help and while I may have the fancy title, I really just draw pretty pictures and play with smart home gadgets all day :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! That really means a lot – we’d all love to see it if he/she wants to share!

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Hello, sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but does this switch REQUIRE a wire from the fan to function? I have a fan that is always powered and the only means of controlling it are through RF. I was wondering if this switch would still work if I just power it using the mains from the wall without the load line to the fan. I’m guessing some features such as the power monitoring require that wire but obviously I don’t know. I’m really looking forward to this product as the other fans in my house should work with the intended wiring diagram and I was just hoping all of my fans could support it.

I would think it should work, just you need 120v wiring to install the switch, basically this switch controls the fan and light seperately via RF.

I guess in theory it wouldn’t need one - you’d just need a way to power the switch and the module. So if you have power at the switch and at the module, you should be fine. The only thing I need to check is if the neutrals need to be connected (from the light switch to the module).

Let me ask the engineers and get back to you on this.

So… Wife is getting a bit anxious about WHEN these will become reality, then the fan speed knob breaks off today (on purpose? I won’t tell if you won’t).

Hoping I can ask for these for father’s day and receive them!

Pretty please?

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Following - I have the exact same use case and was about to ask. Hoping the nuetral doesn’t have to be direct between the switch and fan module.

If this is possible I will pre-order 1 more and return this silly WiFi/remote setup from amazon.

Suuuuuuuuuuure it’s the wife… lol jk

Production is still on schedule for the 25th as of yesterday, so I would venture a guess that they’ll be stateside in 2-3 weeks after :slight_smile:

@Eric_Inovelli if I’m honest it’s been waiting with the guts exposed for like a month for them to go on sale and the wife finally said clean it up and so I did today. I really wish I would have realized preorder was this long from being available, so it’s on me. But I am first in line!

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Is there a way to be notified when the initial post is updated? I missed the Matt 11th update until you mentioned the 25th!

@Eric_Inovelli Any chance you guys know where on the schedule “Pre-orders ship” is ? Is that between Mass production 5/25 and Amazon 6/8? Or after amazon?

Hmmm… I’m not sure honestly :frowning: – I’ll have to see if Discourse has some sort of function to do this. I’m not sure there is though. I guess what I could do is make a comment in the thread saying the updates as well so that you’re notified that way if you’re following this thread?

Yeah, definitely – pre-orders will definitely be filled first. Here’s a tentative schedule of how we plan on fulfilling things:

  • 50% of the initial order will be shipped to HQ (Michigan)
  • 40% of the initial order will be shipped to Amazon USA
  • 10% of the initial order will be shipped to Amazon Canada**

** Note there will be a 1-2 week delay for Amazon Canada as they require the listing to be validated on Amazon USA before they accept any incoming shipments. Any Canadian pre-orders will be fulfilled via our HQ (hence the shipping fee).

For the dates, it’s a much faster process when it comes to HQ as we typically don’t carry any inventory outside of refurbs and unboxed items, so all of the attention is put on these switches for fulfillment, whereas Amazon could take up to a week (also not entirely sure of the COVID response time at Amazon, things may be delayed there as well). So, pre-orders that come directly to HQ will definitely have a headstart over Amazon.

Hope that makes sense?

Hi Eric - Any updates from engineering if the fan needs a direct line from the switch or not? I have a wall switch with power I can expand with this switch and a separate hardwired fan that I want to use the module for. Both with hot and neutral, just not directly connected. They are 8ft from each other so RF will be solid.

Hey sorry about the delay here. Yes, this will work as long as you have power and a neutral to both the fan and the switch, it won’t matter if there isn’t a wire going from the switch to the module :slight_smile:

@Cjkeenan - tagging you so you can see the response!

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Just wanted to post this as we near Mass Production!

A few things to note:

  • There will be icons on these switches (ie: Light and Fan)
  • I’ve set these LED bars to be bright as that’s how my daughter likes them
  • This switch is friggin awesome

Amazing, thank you so much!!

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Very nice!
Looking forward to pre-order (I just sent you an email with a question about it).

I just noticed some screwdriver marks below your switchplates! My dad just told me that using a pencil eraser on them helps to remove those almost entirely if only superficial (it worked for me last weekend)

Just ordered 3 since the hampton bay wink receivers are junk. Wondering if/when a no-neutral version might happen(no-neutral at the switch I mean). I have one odd room that doesn’t have a neutral which is dissapointing.

Wait a minute you were able to order??? HOW???

Also, @Eric_Inovelli the title ticks me off a little more each day patiently waiting for these things to hit the market :D.