Fan/light switch...will we ever see it again?

Full disclosure, I was part of the beta test group on these. I absolutely love them. I currently have 3 installed and as almost every room in my home has a ceiling fan, I still need 4 more. I read a lot on the disconnects/issues people have with them but outside of the 1 I had fail during testing, I have had almost 0 issues with my 3. They do any and everything I need them to do. I do not recall which firmware is on each one as I haven’t changed anything in such a long time as I haven’t had any issues.

Another reason I gravitate toward these is I am not aware of any other manufacturer with anything like these. All of my fans are pull string and have a single switch to control them so being able to adjust light and fan with that single switch and have it tie into my smartthings hub is great.

I would think the goal is to have them available again…at least I would hope so. All of my other switches are red switches. If we do see something, is the feeling now that it may be a blue series and not a red?

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I’m not sure if we’ll see a blue series version of a LZW36; however I could see the appeal. I have one active LZW36 and I haven’t seen a single issue either. I live in the country and not a whole lot of 2.4 traffic around me.

If they make a Blue series (with canopy module) , I think Inovelli learned some lessons to ensure gets fixed for newer version. E.g. canopy able to be flashed remotely, manual channel selection etc…

I also have pull string fans and will install the Blue series fan switch when they release as it saves me a trip installing a canopy module. I feel the canopy has its advantages (switch loop setup) and maybe they’ll have multiple versions in the future.

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On the topic of fans and dual switches - I’d love a Zigbee analog of something designed for bathroom lights and fans. The Zooz Zen30 does what I need (sort of) in Zwave, but for a variety of reasons I’d love to ditch the two I have and install something better. Any plans for a Zigbee single gang dual switch(/dimmer) that has the ability to control a highly inductive load on one of the circuits? I’ll buy 2 immediately.


I promise it will be back. This is the only one in market that I know of now that INSTEON is out. It’s taking a bit longer to negotiate with the Z-Wave manufacturer than we anticipated, but we’re making progress.

In addition, there’s an extremely huge B2B account that I’ve been working on for what seems like a year now that wants this switch as part of their portfolio (it will be WiFi/BT, but will share the same internals) and I’ve finally made some headwinds with them and have a call with them today to meet the project manager and hopefully kick off the project.

If we can get that locked down, it definitely helps in our negotiations.

Either way though, the new investment group and partner understands the benefit of the Fan/Light and is fighting to keep it. Worst case scenario, we will move it over to the Zigbee manufacturer and have them recreate it in either Zigbee and/or Z-Wave.


I’ve spent the last hour fighting with my current LZW36 canopy after it disconnected again, so this is welcome news!! Thanks for the update Eric

I have one of the LZW36’s and it’s been solid. Was the first Inovelli product I installed and I’ve been wanting to buy more for months. I need at least 2 or 3 more!

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This is awesome to hear. I (and probably others) appreciate every possible update you can give us.

The update is great to hear. Hopefully this can happen soon (I know your moving as fast as you can). I am looking to replace some lights with fans. Without pulling a fourth wire for fan control, it seems like the only other option is the Sonoff IFan04 with reflashed firmware. I may go that route for now, but would love to move to a blue/red Inovelli solution.

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What about @epow’s question? I would also love a single gang dual switch/dimmer (no module required) that has the ability to control a highly inductive load on one of the circuits.

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I have two bathrooms with dual switches where one is an exhaust fan.

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Yeah it’s definitely a great suggestion and one I believe has legs. It’s just a matter of capital to invest in something like that right now that makes it difficult to bring to life. I do plan on testing out a Kickstarter for the Motion Switch and if that goes well, maybe we can make that our plan moving forward to launch new products. But at $100k a pop for new development, it’s tricky for us at this time :confused:


But we LIKE spending your money to make neat things that we can’t buy anywhere else!!! :laughing:

I had a bit of a brainstormed idea this morning on the combo switches, on possibly how you could eliminate the neutral wire. If you have separate wires coming in for the load for the electric motor and light, you could potentially use the trickle load through the light to power the controller, and then control the circuitry for both loads. Obviously, you’d need to prompt the user not to confuse the two, to prevent the trickle from burning out the fan motor.

I just have so many switch locations in my house without a neutral wire, and it would be nice to be able to retrofit those without tearing into the walls.

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Any news on a kickstarter or other method for bootstrapping a single gang dual switch/dimmer?

Yes, I plan to announce something in early February to bring a few projects to life, this included.


I would love to see these (or a comparable product) come back as well…especially after just fighting with a pull chain that came off again…my fan is the only thing I can’t control from my desk right now…


I too would love to see the Fan/Light switch come back! Not only me, but several other people I do this stuff for. I have one in our master bedroom, and want to add to two other bedrooms and 3 other spaces in our home. My parents want 3 for their house right from the get go. PLEASE bring these back!

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I just created my own topic and then saw this. I also have been waiting FOR-E-VER to get my hands on two.

This would be awesome! I’m still rocking the original ones, bugs and all, but would love to move away from the buggy switch.


A vote here for a Zigbee version please. With all the availability issues during pandemic and since then, I’ve jumped ship from Z-Wave and moved over to almost entirely Zigbee with the introduction of the Blue Series. Now I see a new Red series 2-1 is being introduced. I really hope a Zigbee fan/light switch with canopy module is next after Blue Fan-Only switch slated for next month. I’d like all my hardwired stuff to share the same technology. Additionally, Blue series has an additional perk for the market as they could theoretically be converted from Zigbee to Matter.

I realize this is probably several years out given the current pace. But, man, would I love to replace my 5 Lutron MA-LFQHW with something remote-controllable and with support for LED bulbs.