Fan switch, can it change flight color?

Hey, so im looking at purchasing this fan from amazon, and i was curious if the fan switch had the ability to change color temperature of the light? I want it really to only be at 4000k but not sure what the default color is without their remote box.
This is the fan i want

Even if the fan was compatible, I don’t think it would support the 3 color light change. But I don’t believe that the fan itself is compatible with the LZW36. From the Amazon description, it appears to contain a DC motor. LZW36s are not compatible with those.


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The fan switch would not be able to control it directly no. But indirectly through a hub… maybe.

I don’t see anything that mentions any of the “smart” protocols. But it does have a remote. You may be able to use something like a broadlink rm4 and use it to send the remote signal to the bulbs. Then you’d use scene control through the fan switch and could setup an automation like “double tap up send color change signal from rm4 to fan”.

The fan switch isn’t going to work with a DC motor. It might be possible to use a Red Switch presuming that fan doesn’t draw more than 300W and presuming that the OP would be happy with not controlling the fan’s speed with the switch.

Dang, i was unaware that the switch didnt work with dc motors… wierd… didnt think that would matter if the switch was just like a wireless remote replacement… nonetheless, i appreciate ur info.

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You could use the on/off switch, but it’s not going to control dc motor via the paddles. You may be able to use Bond/hub combo or something similar to translate taps to fan speed.