Fan Switch | Project Windy City - ON HOLD

@coreystup Thanks for the link. I just never thought to do this, I am ordering now! thanks again!

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Insteon offers custom etched switch buttons. I always wanted to try and print directly to a paddle and see how that turned out.

I completely understand that you guys have to do what makes business sense and that doesn’t always align with my personal needs. The red series dimmers were packed with so many features I was able to put them in most places a switch would have gone. I would also be more than happy to throw money at a Kickstarter type project to fund windy city or a switch with full led bar. As always thanks guys for all you do.


Why not split the difference?

If the fan controller is a 3-speed or 4-speed (not infinitely variable), then make a half-height LED bar with 4 LEDs behind it.

Infinitely variable is of course cooler (although likely much harder electrically)…

Tooling costs lol. We were hoping to use the same tooling from the Dimmers and the Fan Switch. I know it wouldn’t be too much, maybe $10k, but still lol.

I’ve gotta say I find the business side of all this really interesting. Most companies wouldn’t explain or share details like this and I’ve loved learning this stuff. Everything from the manufacturing videos you have posted, that R&D on a new switch is like $100k, and all the headaches of dealing with customs. I’m sure you enjoy this far less but it’s been eye opening how difficult it is to bring a product to market.

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Yeah totally, I actually enjoy sharing with this with everyone for a couple of reasons: Transparency and Help

Transparency is key so that we can keep everyone informed and if we screw up, well at least there’s a paper-trail and hopefully forgiveness!

Help because we don’t know everything there is about business, so it’s awesome to hear from people that may have been down this path before and can coach us. The unique thing about the team here is we’re all super diverse in our backgrounds, that we cover most of the sides of business (me = brand marketing, Nathan = sales, Eric M = technology, Brianna = digital marketing, Courtney = operations/business logistics) but we’re all pretty young too, and while we do have collective experience, it’s always refreshing to hear from others.

I can also say that I love learning this stuff too – yeah, it’s a headache for sure (customs, tariffs, R&D, secret service… yeah… I’ll spill more on that one later) but we just say, “something for the Inovelli book/movie” lol


Quite wise. The company that says nothing, then blames someone else sounds like they are making an excuse. The company that explains everything, then says where the problem is sounds like they’re being honest.

Okay that one I really want to know…

No, I agree that’s worth saving. Not having a visually distinct fan switch isn’t going to take away from perceived product quality or make someone buy a competitor switch (IMHO), and if right now upfront capital is what prevents you from bringing more products to market, your money is better spent elsewhere.

With that in mind I have three thoughts.
First is keep the mold for the main external part of the switch, but only change the mold for the translucent insert (which I’d assume is the cheapest one). Give it a few notches to separate it into clear segments.
Second, is do the same in software. Have the LEDs not blend into each other like on the dimmer, but try for a more hard cutoff with more on/off of LEDs and less fading. You could also do different colors- IE three shades of blue.

Third, is functionality- right now I think we all expect the fan controller to be much like the dual light/fan- three or four set speeds. If the fan controller is infinitely variable, then this problem goes away entirely, and you have a product that’s functionally superior to the competition.

I’m not concerned much about the aesthetics.

I > am < concerned about functionality! The full-sized LED strip on the dimmer is much more functional (allows more modes of operation, more visible, etc.). I had one place where I wanted the LED but could only use the switch, so I was stuck with the small LED. I’d jump all over a full-sized LED strip.

With my GE/Jasco switches and dimmers, there isn’t an indication at all to differentiate between a switch and a dimmer. With the full strip, you’d know in a blink–a dimmer would ramp up slowly on the strip, a switch would either be on or off.

While it certainly applies to this conversation, my interest is more closely tied to the actual Red Series Switch.

I like the idea of a fan icon on the paddle.
I would also like to be able to press up/down for speed control vs holding. Double tap up=speed up, double tap down=speed down etc. It would be easier to control fan speed vs holding the paddle like the dimmers. As for the LED, I have them turned off 90% of the time on all my switches anyway so I don’t really have a preference.

Just adding myself to this thread. Long time Z-Wave enthusiast. Also had Leviton fan speed controllers. But would love to make a move to innovelli if they deliver this.

Are there any updates on this model? I have a bunch of fans (6) that wouldn’t work with the fan/light combo (no room above the shroud, but an AC 4 speed fan controlled by a hardwired wall controller), but would be perfect candidates for this.

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No update at this time :sleepy:

Dear Santa,

Please let my GE fan switches hold out for another year . . . :sleepy:

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The downside to public roadmaps, everyone cheers you on and wants to give you money faster :grin:

Here’s looking forward to a very Inovelli filled 2021 :wink:


its 2021… any updates :innocent: ??? i;d be willing to throw down a large chuck of cash to get this moving…


I am also looking for an update on the Fan Switch.

@Eric_Inovelli Any updates here? A crowd-funded approach? Seriously…I really don’t want have to buy an inferior competitor product :frowning: … these switches would be so valuable to my smart home.

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Hear hear! I really don’t want to buy a competitors product, but I’m getting close to being forced to settle.

No update at this time. The situation is that we need to pay back all debt to the manufacturer before starting any new innovation. We reached an agreement to allow current products to be continuously produced, as well as special products that are co-created (ie: 5-Button Switch) or were already in progress last year (lightstrip).

Their stance is: even if we could pay for a new project up front (ie: kickstarter), that money could’ve been used to pay off past debts.

So, unfortunately we either have to stay in a holding pattern with them until everything is paid off, or go elsewhere, which we don’t want to do right now (in Z-Wave) as they’ve been a great partner.

Wish I had better news, but I promise once we kick this off, I will update everyone as I’d love this product too for my own home.

No hard feelings if you have to go to a competitor, I completely understand (and have a competitor in my house right now for my fans).