Fan with light switch recommendation

I have 3 rooms with a ceiling fan with light and recessed cans. The rooms have 2 switch boxes with a dumb double switch for the fan/light and a switch for the cans. What is the recommended switch config for Inovelli? I have been using red 2-1s and blue fan switches in rooms without a light in the fan.

Option A:
Cut out the 2-gang box and replace it with a 3-gang box. Use two switches and a fan switch

Option B:
At the switch box, wire the conductor to the fan light constantly hot. Then use a smart relay at the fan for the fan’s light. Use a switch and a fan switch. Control the smart relay via scenes/multi-taps from on of the switches.

Option C:
Similar to B, but instead of using multi-taps to control the fan light, wait for Inovelli’s button controller (or replace when available) to control the two sets of lights. The other switch would be the fan switch.

Option D - fan canopy.