Faulty Red Dimmer?

I have a brand new dimmer switch that is wired into a 3-way circuit for my kitchen light. At random, when I turn it on from either the dimmer switch or the dumb switch the lights will come on but then go back off within 2-3 seconds. Same effect when triggered from Hubitat “On” on the device page. Other times it works fine. Pretty certain it is wired correctly as it does work as intended most of the time and I’ve opened the boxes a few times to check again . I have no routines or rules setup for this switch yet. Is this a bad switch. My other 25 switches don’t have this problem (some of which is 3 and 4 way)
Recent log where I turned out from the switch and then it went back off.

What is the load and what is the max dim set to? Try setting the max to 80% or so to see if that has any effect.

10 canless LED lights at 14W each.
So it looks like the 80% max is helping. It’s not shutting back off but the buzzing from the switch is very very noticeable when dimmed. Another switch that has 12 of the same lights doesn’t automatically turn off at 99% nor make as much noise when dimmed to 80%. Sounds like I have a weak switch.?

Does canless mean wafer lights? Do you know the model?

Buzzing usually indicates a bulb incompatibility. Strange that the other dimmer doesn’t have the same problem, but it’s still buzzing as well, so it might well be a bulb incompatibility.

I’m not sure, TBH.

I have over 65 of these lights in my house. All controlled by reds and blacks, dimmers and on on/offs. This is the only switch giving me a fit. I guess next step is to swap the switch. I’m out of reds but have an extra black. Just prefer the red for scene options at this location.

It might very well be bad, then. If you swap it out and the black works, I’d submit a ticket!