Feedback on controlling a ceiling fan with separate switches for fan/light

I want to add an Inovelli switch to control the fan in one of my bedrooms. The fan and fan light are on separate switches. The fan does not have a light canopy and we will never add one as this room already has other canned lights. The different options I am considering is:

  • Add a Red Series on/off switch to control the fan turning on and setup scenes for controlling the speed via Bond (I currently don’t own one and don’t really want to buy one just for this purpose)
  • Add the fan/light switch (LZW-36) and add a dummy plate to the unused slot on the switch
  • Wait for the fan only switch (this seems to be the best option) - Would this come with a RF transmitter similar to the LZW-36? I assume that this is the scenario that this is being created for but just wanted someone to confirm.

The fan this would control is the Hunter Perspective - Model #: 21583


At least as proposed, the fan only switch is hard wired . . no rf. You can see the details on th project page here.

Thanks for the clarification.

To use this in my setup I would just remove the RF transmitter (is this necessary?) and install the fan switch in place of the current on/off dumb switch?

Presumably, but it depends on the motor type as well. As you pointed out, you can’t tell from the documentation if it’s and AC or DC motor.

I called Hunter and they confirmed its an AC motor