Final Firmware for NZW37 & NZW97?

What is the final version of firmware for the NZW37 and NZW97 devices? I know they are discontinued but they still work fine for me (usually) and they are Z-Wave Plus so not as old as some other things I have.

The general firmware section is easy enough to find:

The reason I ask is that the Associations feature listed in the preferences for their respective drivers says it needs firmware 1.02+ but my NZW37 only has 1.01 (and the NZW97 is not showing it’s version at the moment).

So this was kind of a mess with our old manufacturer tbh. Midway through production, they changed the hardware (I believe the chipset, but they never told me exactly) and there are various versions out there depending on the date codes you have.

My recommendation would be to keep the current firmware on these as I’ve accidentally flashed the wrong firmware on them which has bricked them.

If you look on the back of the NZW37, there should be a four digit date code – 0818 or something like that. Also, is there a logo on the front of the NZW37?

There should also be a date code on the back of the NZW97 (my favorite product btw) – it’s hard to see as they printed it with black ink on a black product. Can you let me know what that one is?

Here is their info:
NZW37 = 1217
NZW97 = 1017

I do really like the NZW97 and wish I had more for my outdoor decorations at Halloween and Christmas… but of course I have my own ideas for “improvements” to make on it. :slight_smile:

Funny, I had the exact same question for the exact same two devices, although I’m also throwing an NZW36 in the mix! I love the NZW97 too. If I recall the NZW37 I have is not upgradable, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to double check:

NZW36: 1217
NZW37: 0717
NZW97: 1017


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