Firmware Update LZW31-SN Fails

I just received a couple of LZW31-SN dimmers from the latest batch built. I am trying to update the firmware to 1.47. It fails when trying the Hubitat update firmware app by @bcopeland. It goes from ‘getting started’ to ‘wake up sleepy device’. I did the air gap thing every which way with no luck. I tried the PC Controller option detailed on the Inovelli site with no luck. The LED on the dimmer flashes blue when it is trying to update the firmware, but ends up ‘not being able to receive’ it. Any suggestions? Could it be the latest batch built?


Yes… There is a compatibility issue with… The build that’s about to come out fixes that issue


Thank you for the update. I will re-include my dimmers to Hubitat and wait for the new build.

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Is the next build 2.2.4?

I’m banking on… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


@bcopeland, I’m guessing the recent build was not the build we were looking for.