Firmware upgrade for lzw31-sn from linux and HA

This is kind of crazy to me, that I need to have number of systems in house to do different things with zwave +.
I have aeotec usb dongle, home assistant and linux. I do not run supervisor, RPI or docker.
I have openzwave as a backed and all of these things are wrapped into HA.
due to the firmware bug in the switch I can’t operate switch on 90 some % switch will simply die and now I need to turn the power off on the breaker side and possibly initialize switch again to just turn it back on/off.
For simple firmware upgrade I have no solutions from linux or HA side. I need to use crappy windows, with some additional app that we don’t use in my house to upgrade a firmware on the switch.
I am developer and I know Python very well.
Python to some extend is used in embedded computing …
So what do i need to do to get some sort of resolution even if I need to build app myself.
I do not want to use windows period…
Please explain to me what needs to be done to get this going so that I do not need to return the switch.

The only method of updating firmware using Linux that I am aware of is zwavejs2mqtt. Despite its name, you don’t actually need to enable MQTT, and it has a nice web interface that allows firmware updates.

thanks much i do appreciate, let me check this on debian that I am running stuff from …

You need to get docker or run supervised HA (you can restore HA back to it’s current settings in the new supervised environment). Makes handling of these items SO much easier!

I run:
With a Linux VM
With HA Supervised
With ZwaveJS2MQTT add-on

and update firmware via ZJS2M UI from anywhere in the world.

While Docker or HA Supervised is probably the easiest way to get zwavejs2mqtt (and zwavejs2mqtt is fully compatible with the new zwavejs that HA is moving to), there is also a PKG version if you dont want to go that route (I have not tested it though. I use the docker version)