Firmware v1.52 (Beta) | LZW31 | Dimmer - Black Series (Gen 2)

We are releasing a beta firmware for LZW31 users as a follow up to v1.48. It has several bug fixes and enhancements. See the release notes in the link below:

We have not done much internal testing on this version yet, so proceed with caution. Let us know if there is anything abnormal.

Something to note is that we have added the “Scene” command class which means you will probably have to do an exclusion and factory reset after updating the firmware. The scenes we have added include pushed, held, released for dimmer buttons so that it can be used as a cheaper aux switch when controlling smart bulbs.

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Hi Eric,

Why do the black (non-scene) dimmers/switches even have the 700ms delay? A common new-user question in the communities (here and over at Hubitat) is regarding the slow response. For the black devices, the usual response is “update the firmware, and disable the delay”. For the Red devices, there is a discussion about scenes and multi-tap.

If there is a use for the delay on the black devices I’m not aware of, they seem to be the less common configuration, and should be opted in; and the default to be no delay.

It was carried over from the red series just because the bulk of the code base is shared between the devices. There is a need for multi-tap on the config button for inclusion etc, but not the up / down button.

New devices will have the config option from the get go so there won’t be a need to update the firmware in the future. We can consider changing the default in the future, but we might keep it the same for consistency sake.

I’m not certain that this is a result of the v1.52 firmware, but I have noticed something odd since updating to this version. I had a circuit with 1x LZW31-SN as the ‘master’ dimmer and 2x LZW31 to create a ‘virtual’ 4-way circuit via Group 3/4 associations.

Since updating to v1.52 on the LZW31’s, I’m no longer able to smoothly dim the ‘master’ LZW31-SN. Instead it usually seems to have one or two large jumps in brightness and occasionally gets completely out of sync.

I will try to do some further testing and report back.

EDIT: Flashed the LZW31-SN and one of the LZW31’s back to their respective ‘production’ firmwares (v1.48 / v1.41 Holtek). Dimming from the LZW31 on v1.48 now works perfectly again, while the one on v1.52 continues to exhibit the same issue. As a next step, I’ll test updating the LZW31-SN to v1.55 again.

Any thoughts @EricM_Inovelli?

1.52 made some changes to associations that were reverted in 1.55. So 1.55 should give you better results. I’d hold off though since we are releasing 1.56 very soon (this one is only a bug fix update but might as well have the latest).

As best I can tell, the issue seems to be on the LZW31 side when running v1.52.

I’m seeing 1.52 as the lastest release for the black series dimmer, am I missing something or has these been a newer beta released?

He was discussing 31-sn above I believe. 1.55 is for dimmers.

Minor clarification:
V1.55 is the current beta version for “Red” dimmers (LZW31-SN)
V1.52 is the current beta version for "Black’ dimmers (LZW31)

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We put the 1.56 black series firmware up on the web server. It hasn’t been tested by me yet so I haven’t created a post. You are welcome to try it out if you would like, but only flash one and test it first.

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Thanks @EricM_Inovelli – so far so good with v1.56 on the LZW31.

My ‘virtual 4 way’ between 2x LZW31 and LZW31-SN seems to be working correctly again.

One quirk I did notice – after flashing v1.56 on two of my LZW31’s, parameter 50 (‘Configure Physical On/Off Delay’) ended up being set as -40 by default.

One more quirk to report @EricM_Inovelli – I’m seeing the version number for this firmware reported as 1.57 rather than 1.56.

Hi Eric @EricM_Inovelli

Does the 1.56 for Black series have the new-and-improved SBM like 1.56 for Red?

The Hubitat device handler hasn’t been updated yet, so Parameter 52 (SBM) still shows only “No”,“Yes” (0/1) options. I’m wondering if the 1.56 black firmware supports the newer “Disabled”, “On/Off”, “SBM” (0/1/2) options now. And if so, can I set that using SetConfigParameter until the handler gets updated?

Seeing the same thing here, seeing the version as 1.57 in Hubitat. Initial testing looks like the GE add on paddles are working correctly in a 4 way no neutral configuration.

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@kelchm Is this just the black series that is reporting 1.57? I will let the engineer know.

@mamber It should have it. I’ll put it in the driver so that it can be tested. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Correct. Just the black series is reporting 1.57.

Thanks, I let the engineer know.