Firmware Won't Update

I have an LZW31-SN (Red Dimmer) that doesn’t seem to take the firmware update to 1.61. I upgraded all of my others without issue.

The process does its thing (ie uploads, stores, and reboots), but firmware and firmware0 still shows the old version (1.57):


I’m pretty sure it hasn’t actually upgraded because when this dimmer is on, and not air-gapped, I get tons of duplicate messages.

I would try to exclude and include to see if it changes. I’ve had to do that in the past.

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Have you run a configure() or done a “Save Device” since you updated? It looks like either of those should fetch the current firmware version (and info logs should show you the result, or debug logs the “raw” data). It’s possible it was updated correctly and just never requested the new version from the device.

If you’re on a model C-7 hub, the built-in Device Firmware Updater app can also fetch this information from the device Just select the device like you’re going to update, then stop when you select the target – you don’t need to go any further, and you’ll see the version on each target when trying to select them. The Basic Z-Wave Tool or community Z-Wave Firmware Updater drivers (either requires manual installation) also have features that will fetch the version and output the result to logs, and they’ll work on any model hub.

In other words: I’d start by verifying whether the firmware, in fact, did or did not actually update. :smiley:


Still on C5.

I was doing a refresh() and configure() and those did nothing. I air-gapped the switch after another firmware update, ran configure() again, and now it’s reporting correctly. Perhaps, the reboot finally switched to the correct firmware? In any event, it seems to be working now.

Thanks all


where did you find 1.61? I looked all over and can’t locate it. Are you on a Beta?

1.61 is beta.

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