FS Red Series Dimmers-6 New Sealed Boxes-SOLD ALREADY

Looking to get 55 USD each(includes shipping in USA)
These can be configured to work as switches only, no dimming and work excellent with smart bulbs as well as no neutral setups

All 6 Sold-Thanks for looking

Are you looking to sell all 6 at one time or will you sell 1 individually?


Hi Bill, Are you in USA?

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Yes, I am in the US. Harpers Ferry, WV to be exact.

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What is FS and is the device red series dimmer (gen2)?. just curious on the reason behind switch only function?. I am definitely interested . I am in TX USA

For Sale

The switch won’t work in a non-neutral configuration, but the dimmer will. You can put the dimmer in a non-neutral location and turn on that setting to use it with non-dimmable bulbs.

These can be configured to work as switches only

That means its just a normal red series dimmer. I was confused by the "Switches only " statement. @Rxich ,. I am in the process of upgrading few dumb switches, i will get all the six .

I am interested in purchasing one of them if you will split the lot.

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Thank you. I’ll consider splitting, if the 2 buyers for all 6 fall through

Ok if you do split them, I’m still interested in getting 2 of these.


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