GE Aux switch double/triple tap

I’m a SmartThings user since 2014 but since my automations have been running mostly without any issues, I’ve not been on the forums too much. I just found out about the Inovelli switches and immediately replaced one of my GE switches with a Gen2 red series on-off switch. it is awesome! I wish I knew about this a while ago. I can’t see why anyone would buy any other in-wall switch!

The GE switch I replaced, was a 3-way with a GE aux switch. As expected, the Inovelli replacement was completely drop-in, and I had everything wired up within minutes.

I have the switch set up to switch some smart bulbs on double-tap commands (one of the main reasons I wanted to try the switch). Is there a way that I can get the multi-tap events triggered from the Aux switch? It doesn’t work currently, but I am wondering if there is a setting that will make it work?


Hi Dan,

From my conversations with Inovelli. This is not something auxiliary switches can do. They are looking into what might be possible, but no promises at this time. From what I gather to get scene capability at both locations one needs two of their smart switches in a three way.


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@EricM_Inovelli are scenes (button device presses) not supported from the aux switch?

@fisheromega - No, scenes are not supported from Aux switches.

Thank you for the reply. I cannot get my scenes to work from my switches. They work when I press the X1, X2, etc buttons from the device page on Hubitat, but hitting the physical switch does nothing. I thought it worked when I first installed the switch last week, but it’s not doing anything this week. I read in another thread that a person had to exclude and include the switch for it to work. I was hoping to avoid it.

@fisheromega - You running the Inovelli’s drivers from GitHUB? Also, you didn’t turn off local control right? (8x on the config button).

Are you using the Button Device Trigger type in Rule Machine to select the actions for the button presses?

I did turn off the relay because I am using Zwave bulbs that need the constant power from the switch. I am also using the Inovelli driver. The Button Device Trigger (@Terk) that was mentioned works for the Inovelli switch but not the aux switch. @harjms, you are correct that it will not work via the aux switch. @Eric_Inovelli and @EricM_Inovelli, is this correct? Will I need to purchase another Red Series switch and dump the GE aux switch?

Yes, this is correct. At this time, scenes are not supported by the aux switch.

However, if you’re using a Z-Wave bulb as you mentioned, you should be able to still control the bulb from the aux switch (ie: dim up/down, turn on/off). You’ll just not have scene control there.

If I leave the relay on in the switch, it totally removes power to the zwave bulb. We know that is a no-no due to messing with the Zwave mesh and with any rules that may use the bulb. Since I cannot have the relay turned off to stop the switch from killing the power to the bulbs, I swap the two switches. Right now, the aux switch is in a location where it will be used the most to turn on the lights. For the other location, I can use Rules … this should cover 95% of the times we will need to manually hit the switch button for the lights.

Thanks everyone for clarifying this for me. Thank you Inovelli for being innovative!

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Hi There,
This is more of an FYI and I think it’s something that should be mentioned but I don’t see it commented on here anywhere in this specific post. To confirm what you said the GE aux switch Doesn’t seem to work with double, triple tap etc but the HomeSeer Aux Switches seems to allow for that so this may be an alternative for folks looking to be able to have that functionality until there is a GE solution. I am currently using smarthings V2 hub with their Smart lighting to set the button triggers in the Smart Apps. I am also not using smart Bulbs… Just dimmable LED bulbs and it works for me.

Clarification: If you really, really need mult-tap scene triggering from both ends consider using HomeSeer switches for the Primary and Aux switch. This also works with ZWP or Zlink as Primary and HomeSeer as the Aux.
I have tried the GE Aux switches with inovelli, ZWP, Zlink and HomeSeer and I am NOT able to get multi-tap scene triggering at both ends. The scenario where Inovelli as the Primary and a HomeSeer Aux Switch also doesn’t work at this time.

Oh wow, really? You’re able to get the HomeSeer aux switch to trigger scenes on the Inovelli switch?

This is awesome news!

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@Zexxweb @Eric_Inovelli - Video or it didn’t happen…

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Hi Eric I’m sorry for the confusion about the way my post was worded. No I WASN’T able to trigger scenes from HomeSeer Aux switch with the inovelli dimmer in my 3 way via multi-tap. What I meant to say before until there is a fix with the inovelli’s the user can use 2 HomeSeer switches (eg. a WS200+ as primary) and the Aux switch you can do multi-tap from both ends. I also Tried the Homeseer WS200+ with the GE Aux switch and I COULD NOT do Multi-Tap scene triggers either. I was simply trying to say the GE Aux switches don’t seem to work or support multi-tap in any scenario.

My apologies again for the confusion and I will update my post to properly articulate what I saying. I do love your products and I even pre-ordered the combo fan + Light switch and I do hope that you guys add that functionality as I do like having that feature at both ends also.

You are correct it didn’t happen. Please see my reply to Eric and also please forgive my error.

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Not sure which is correct, but these two seem to be in conflict.

Hey guys – sorry, just seeing this. The correct answer is what I posted – at this time double/triple tap, etc is not supported at the aux switch.

Bummer. That certainly limits some significant use cases for me, particularly where I’m using double=taps with GE S2 Enbrighten switches.

Where I have the GE S2 Enbrighten switches mated with a GE Aux switch (no zwave in the Aux at all), I get the full “double-tap” functionality at the Aux switch–it acts just like the main switch–just as I would expect (note: I’m not using Z-Wave Scenes–instead, just triggering automation actions based on the events).

Simple (if pricy) fix- get two Red dimmer switches, and Associate them. I just did this test for answering another thread, if you pair Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4 the LED bars stay in perfect sync.
//edit- it worked great for a while then the two switches got out of sync and were stuck in a loop trying to update each other…

One thing that does bear mentioning- Assocation doesn’t work between security levels. So if one switch was added secure and the other was added non-secure, they will associate but not actually talk to each other.

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Yeah, I had pondered that idea. Ultimately–maybe that’s a possibility.

However, it sure is a waste to install a full-blown Z-Wave switch just to get an LED light and button taps. :slight_smile:

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