General Setup Question

I have the Red Series Dimmer. It’s wired to a fixture with 3 LED bulbs, and I was hoping to do scene control as well. The first problem is that no button setup beyond 1x tap works. I’ve tried both Smart Lighting and ABC Button Controller. The other issue is it seems that the load fixture turns on and off when I do multiple taps. Is this supposed to happen? I have the device handler installed and I’m using Smartthings. I’ve gone through the settings in the app and the ones that seem possibly relevant are Association Behavior and Smart Bulb mode, but not sure what those do exactly. Or is it just not possible to control a fixture on the load AND do scene control? I’m also curious why multiple-tap setups don’t work.

No, that is certainly possible. For example, I have a red series with a a load controlling a lamp in a room, and a double tap controlling a smart bulb in the same room.

Make sure that you have not disabled the physical on/off delay, or set it too low. If it’s too low or disabled, that will also disable the sending of scene commands.

EDIT: Association Behavior and Smart Bulb Mode do not apply to your situation so leave their settings alone.

That was it. Thank you for all your help on my questions the last few days.

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