Getting the Firmware Target 1 (.bin file) version number

Most of the Inovelli devices have two files that need to be flashed when there is a firmware update. There is an .otz file to target 0 and a .bin file to target 1. All the standard tools we use to update the firmware only show the version of the target 0 (.otz) file that is running in the switch. There is no obvious way to see the target 1 (.bin) version in the switch so most of us would just "flash it again’ when we weren’t certain if the .bin had been flashed or not.

Today I accidentally stumbled on the ability to see the target 1 (.bin) version that is running in the switch. When I enable DEBUG logging for the switch it generates a VersionReport entry in the log and this entry shows the versions of all the targets. This is going to be extremely helpful with firmware updates because it has previously always been a guessing game what .bin file version was in the switch.

VersionReport(zWaveLibraryType:3, zWaveProtocolVersion:6, zWaveProtocolSubVersion:4, firmware0Version:1, firmware0SubVersion:55, hardwareVersion:1, firmwareTargets:1, targetVersions:[[target:1, version:1, subVersion:44]])

That entry shows this switch has been loaded with:
firmware0 Version:1, Subversion:55 (v1.55 .otz) and
target:1, version:1, subVersion:44 (v1.44 .bin)

@EricM_Inovelli (or any other .groovy experts out there), is this something that can be added as a command button in the device handler so we can easily get/see this info in the device info page?


For those of us using zwavejs, I submitted a feature request to see if the it can be evtntually added to zwavejs/zwavejs2mqtt/home assistant. I didnt know it was being reported either, but I can definitely see it with a packet sniffer.


Nice, I didn’t know it was contained in the version report. I’ll add it to the driver.



Thanks @EricM_Inovelli for such a quick response… YOU ROCK! :metal:


There is now an open bug report in zwavejs for this. Looks like zwavejs is querying the firmware version before it figures out which “version” of the “Version Command Class” the device supports (I feel like there is a Pimp My Ride meme in here somewhere)


The latest version of zwavejs/zwavejs22mqtt now shows both firmware versions.