Getting to grips with Z-Wave Association

I’ve got a few Inovelli switches/bulbs installed throughout the house, but never taken the time to use direct associations. It’s time to change that for my next project - and hopefully help gather the relevant information for others going forward. In reviewing the forum and support topics on the subject they all seem to cover various pieces, but not the full process from start to finish. So this is part confirming I understand the process, and part how-to for those who need it.

In my case I am upgrading a bathroom vanity light, and needed new bulbs. The recent sale made it easy to get purchasing approval for the bulbs. I’m using the existing black dimmer as it should give the desired functionality (and upgrading it wasn’t approved).

Setup Process

The process as I understand it currently:

  1. Install the latest bulb drivers
  2. Install the latest version of the Association Tool
  3. Install and pair each bulb normally (Limit 5 associations per dimmer/switch)
  4. Using the Association tool configure the direct associations using group 2 and 4 (

Assuming the dimmer/switch also powers the bulbs, you’ll want to make a few other adjustments. This ensures the bulbs remain powered at all times.

  1. If the switch also powers the bulbs disable the internal relay.
    – Direct - Press config button 8x
    – Hubitat - Set “Disable Local Control” to yes
  2. Set the dimmer/switch “State after power restored” to 100
  3. Set the bulb(s) “Power fail load state restore” to “Bulb remembers last state” - Unless the bulbs should default to on.


  • The black series dimmers/switches are unable to control the bulb color.

  • The dimmer/switch LED does not reflect the bulb(s) state (on/off or level)

  • The bulb(s) can still be controlled normally (including color) from the hub.

  • Commands from the hub do not use the direct association.

  • Firmware upgrades may require using “Reset the association variables” to recreate the association.

  • Red series dimmers can leverage “central scene” to control bulb color (Read More)

  • The power state may not be restored in the event of a power outage, so it may be required to enable local control, turn on the dimmer/switch, and disable local control again periodically. This may be fixed in a newer firmware release.

If anyone could confirm I understand things correctly / got the steps right that would be greatly appreciated!

@Eric_Inovelli Is it possible to control the LED strip with the relay disabled? I’d like to try “restoring” some of the functionality in this scenario. Right now the LED simply displays “On / 100%”, but if it was controllable as a child device for example I could mirror the light status for the LED. I suspect the dimmer level isn’t possible as there are seven individual LEDs that would need to be controlled.

You can control the led strip color and the led strip brightness, but you cannot control the LED strip level (unable to control the individual LEDs in the strip). I have automations set up that change the brightness of the LED strip depending on of the associated bulbs are on or off, and it works without any issues (I am using Home Assistant, not Hubitat). I would love to be able to control the individual LEDs though.