Grouping Switches

I have installed some 4 way Red Dimmers yesterday and now am working on the grouping to get them to Sync using Home Assistant.

I was able to successfully get my 3way working correctly by changing the zwave hub association to disabled in Zwavejs to MQTT in Home Assistant and then by grouping both switches together.

On my 4 way setups using all Red Dimmers, I am not having much luck. Do I need to create a group entry for each switch that contains all other switches, or just add the load switch as an entry under each? Any other parameters that need modified?

You mean direct associations? Associate the others with the load controlling device. Parameter 12 is set to 11 on all but the load controlling device.

I’m not sure what the proper terminology is that I’m looking for.

The function I’m after is to have the lights controlled by any of the 3 switches and the LED bars to be in sync with each other.

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@PJF said you want to use associations.

So I have created groups within Zwavejs to MQTT and the non load controlling switches to the load controlling switch. I also disabled the association zwave hub behavior parameter on both non load controlling switches.

Now the load controlling switch works fine however the other two are painfully slow to turn the lights on or off ( 20 seconds or more some times, and the LED bar sync is hit or miss. Usually just works on the load switch and one other, but not the third. Is there another parameter I’m missing?

I should add that these are red dimmers that I’m trying to use as on/off switches. My zwave network is small so far with 10 nodes and are all within 15 ft of my controller.


What firmware?

1.57 … Just updated them all

If you’re only using them as on-off then try associating only group 2 and set parameter 52 on all to on-off.

What do you mean by associating group 2?

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When you’re setting it up you have to pick the group, 2 - on/off control.