HA Automation stopped working with 1.57 FW Update

One of my Inovelli Red Series LZW31-SN Dimmers successfully updated to FW 1.57 from 1.47, but the automations I had associated with it no longer work. i.e. tap down 3 times to turn off all lights in the house.

Switches that are still on 1.47 FW work normally with their associated automations so I have isolated the FW update as the likely issue.

I have tried cutting the power to reset the switch, pinging in Z-Wave JS, re-interviewing, deleting and recreating the automation in HA all to no avail. Any ideas and if not, is there anyway to go back to 1.47?

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You actually want to use firmware 1.61. You don’t want to go back.

You probably just have to go into the firmware and change parameter 50 which is the button delay. Even if you set it to another value and then set it back. Then, check that parameter 51 is set to 1. If it is 1, set it to 0 then back to 1.

The other way would be to exclude and re-include the switch which would reset it. I think you still have to change parameter 51.


I’m having issues too with one switch - none of my double-taps work. I just updated firmware to 1.61 per below suggestion and re-set my 51 parameter. But I noticed I can’t physically toggle local relay with the 8 taps (no green/red LED to indicate mode change), so I’m thinking my smart is just full-on dumb atm and hence scenes won’t work. Not sure how to troubleshoot that button.

ETA: Nvm, got it! Been working on this for weeks, the suggestion about parameter 50 helped! I changed it to default (7) and now scenes work again. The delay got changed somehow and was not enough to differentiate taps.

I find you can usually get this down to 3 or 400ms and still be able to reliably double tap while reducing the delay on a single tap. Any less than that and you need almost super human speed to trigger it.

Thank you, I updated to 1.61 and followed the instructions you outlined and everything is working again.