HA Cant See Double or Triple Tap Through SmartThings Interation

I primarily use SmartThings but have integrated it into Home Assistant. I use HA for things that are not ST compatible.

I have an automation to shut down the downstairs when i double tap an inovelli red series dimmer. I would like to have HA take some action on this as well, but i dont think it can see a double tap through the ST integration based on the history log. Is this possible? I would like to have HA turn off my tv and receiver when i double tap.

I’m running into the same thing although I use ST only as a Z-Wave controller. The Inovelli ST integration isn’t all that great (probably not Inovelli’s fault). I’m thinking of buying a USB Z-Wave controller (probably Aetec) and dropping ST all together.

I’ll let you know how it goes if I end up dropping ST.

i have considered it but it seems like the zigbee and zwave combo devices are not as straight forward as i would think they would be. I wanted to see them as simple as smartthings but i guess you have to use a different integration to get it up and running. Curious about your experience if you move forward with it.

If you haven’t tried already, try setting the ‘instant on’ setting to off. Even if it is already set to off. Do it again.

I’m interested to know where everyone wound up with this (using HA with ST as radio). I’m in a similar situation and planning for the future.

Unfortunately ST integration only reports changed states, not events. So light on/off yes, but button press no.

You’ll have to move it into HA for events (button presses) as trigger control.

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I made an interesting workaround for the lack of button press actions. I have a kitchen liight autmation that turns on/off the lights for us. There are certain areas where the motion detectors don’t see you. My wife has been painting the space and this has been a point of frustration. So last night, I enabled the child light device for my red series switch and I created a smartapp automation in ST to turn off the light with a triple down tap.
Next I added a condition to the lights-off automation that requires the light to b on to run.
I added a separate automation to turn that light on after midnight so we don’t need to remember to re-enable.