Halo Bulb and Red Dimmer

Newbie here and just got our first red series dimmer installed with in HE and semi working. What I have notices is that we have this dimmer hooked up to 4 RL 5 in White Integrated LED Recessed Ceiling Light Trim at Selectable CCT, Extra Brightness (940 Lumens) and the specification on the bulb states that they are dimmable to 5%. That being said, we need to have them set to about 38% to get light out of them. When set at 38 you the lights will raise and lower occasionally as well. So I guess I am look to see if I am missing something here. Should I be able to dim lower, is there just some setting that I have not figured out.

Thanks in advanced

If you set the minimum to 38%, you could then dim the dimmer down to 1% and they would still be lit.

In very low energy applications there might be some flickering. If you add a bypass to the circuit it will draw a bit more power but be much more stable/consistent.

I have a fixture with neutral at 27 watts that “stepped” down near the bottom of the spectrum. A bypass resolved it almost entirely.

Do they indicate if the 5% is from ELV (trailing-edge/reverse phase) or MLV (leading-edge/forward phase)? Or possibly 0-10V?

I’ve been looking at replacing some fixtures and I don’t remember seeing what the Red Dimmers use, but as a point of reference for WAC fixtures, they can only dim to 10% with forward or reverse phase and can go down to 5% with 0-10V.

not finding the true dim specs, just generalized statement

If I were to set the min to 38, then diming down to 1%… wouldn’t this really just be like creating the off set, really never diming the bulb down lower than the initial 38%…

5% for the light refers to 5% of full brightness. The % level at the dimmer is the percentage of phase on or voltage applied. They don’t mean the same thing.

Sure, it scales from 1 to 99 and scales to 38 to 99 over 98 steps. You get more granularity along the way.