Has anyone gotten these to work with VeraPlus?

wondering if you’ve heard anything from vera or have written advanced drivers for them. i have to put 2 hubs in all my rental homes now, hubitat for the innovelli red dimmers and a vera for the locks and thermos. my sw is integrated to vera for lock codes and termo settings.

nope. if I were you, unless there’s some reason you’re married to inovelli for some reason, I’d pick a different switch and have 1 hub.

on another note, weeks after the last vera firmware update/upgrade , the “purging associations” error went away on the black switch, and a week or so later the red.

I have not turned notifications back on

Is there any update with Inovelli switches and Vera? After having nearly every one of my GE/Jasco switches fail over the course of the last 4 years, I’m officially done with GE. I’d love to give Inovelli a try but I’m reading all of these issues getting them to work in Vera…

Sooooo… The issue is that EZLO won’t support the Inovelli switches at this time. We get a lot of, “purging association’s” that happen.

We fixed this on our latest firmware, but we don’t have this firmware in warehouses yet, so you’d have to update it manually ;(

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Hey, thanks for the reply! As I’m considering moving to Home Assistant on an RPi, so I may just pick up a Z-Wave stick and a couple of the Red switches to play around. That way I’ll have the Z-Wave stick to do OTA upgrades.

Well, good news bad news. I got my two new Inovelli Black switches installed and paired with Vera (after upgrading the firmware) but had another GE / Jasco switch that was on the same circuit flake out. Switched off the breaker to install the new switches and when I switched the breaker back on, the GE switch has the dreaded blinking blue light. Man I hate these things!

Do I have to update VeraPlus firmware or the firmware of the Inovelli dimmer switch? How do I update the firmware of the switch? From within Vera?

Thanks. That looks pretty complicated, and I have a Mac, not a PC. I think I will just return the switches. Too bad.

We can certainly help you with these if you send them to us. I have a Mac which I use Parallel to run Windows.

But we can grab these from you and send them back, no worries at all.

ezlo and vera are two different platforms.
ezlo is the new, vera is the old.
neither work well with new inovelli switches.
vera and 1st gen inovelli work fine together.

I’ve had some luck with the new red and black switches where they eventually stop giving “purging association” errors a month or two after the last vera firmware update on my veraplus.

That would be nice. Will they then work with the full set of features using VeraPlus/UI7? How do I ship them to you? Also, what about the fan/light device? I did not buy one yet but was considering trying one out.

Are you sure about that? On getvera.com, they describe the Ezlo Atom as “the perfect way to get started with Vera” and list the VeraPlus hub right along side it.

Yeah - we’ve been working with EZLO and they’re some great people. Problem is, they didn’t want to work on any of the Vera integrations with our products, but rather they focused on the EZLO Atom.

That said, we tweaked our own firmware to fix the purging issue and it should work great now on the Vera platform.

It’s good to hear tho that maybe they did come around and fix things on their end with the latest update.

@tompei - shoot me a PM and we’ll figure it out. Idk about the Fan/Light with Vera. @EricM_Inovelli - any idea here?

Could not figure out how to send PM here so sent to you on linkedin.

Lol, ok! I guess I’ll dig deep for my login credentials :slight_smile:

My picture on there is at least 8 years old!


The fan + light works with my Vera Plus except I had to enable polling to get the status to update when controlled at the wall. This is because I could not get Vera to set the mutlichannel associaitons correctly. Someone else may have better experience with this though.

Wanted to close the loop here.

We’ve updated the switches on our end to get around the, “purging associations” issue vera had (Firmware version 1.41 – fixed 03/28/2020). So, they should work fine.

The Fan/Light also is working fine per this post: Has anyone gotten these to work with VeraPlus? - #30 by EricM_Inovelli

If you have a firmware version less than 1.41, please reach out and we can help with updating the switch(es).

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