Heads up - Added config enhancement request for Red Dimmer config file update to zwave JS

I jumped on the new bandwagon and migrated from openzwave over to zwaveJS last weekend. The zwavejs2mqtt config editor works really well. It was missing parameter 12 and some of the newer config parameters in 1.47+ so I put out a request to add those to the zwaveJS config files.


It will be interesting to see how quickly this dev group moves. I have heard good things.

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Thanks so much for this! As far as I can tell Parameter 52 is also missing (Smart Bulb Mode) correct?

Yup - looks like that one is not in there as well. They closed my bug but I will see if they are willing to let me try to edit the files and add them.

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I went ahead and submitted a PR to get the the parameters 12, 50, 51, 52 added to LZW31 and LZW31-SN


Thanks @alexander! I appreciate it, ironically, I really needed to set 12 right after I switched over the zwave js.

Awesome work!

Thanks for adding the parameters for each firmware! Awesome change over the old system,

Thanks for this – btw, I left a comment there about a pre-existing discrepancy that I noticed around parameters that should not be present for the LZW31 (Black Series).