HELP: Noob trying to set-up Blue Series w/ Hue Bulbs


I have 8 Philips Hue bulbs and 3 Philips Hue light strips that are connected to my Philips Hue Bridge. I recently purchased 3 Blue series 2-in-1 switches to control these bulbs (1 switch:4 bulbs, 1 switch:4 bulbs, 1 switch:3 light strips.)

I want to retain utilization of the Hue app. I want the switches to control my hue bulbs on/off, dim them, and have preset scenes (scene button and multi click)

What is my best option to set these up? What hardware and software do I need to utilize?

SmartThings, Hubitat or Home Assistant are the most popular options for tying things together.

All 3 of those allow you to integrate Hue via the Hue bridge.

Just be aware that you won’t be able to use zigbee direct-binding to connect a Blue to Hue lights if those Hue lights stay on your Hue bridge. But you can absolutely still set up rules-based coordination between any Blue and any Hue lights using any of those 3 systems.

Thank you for the response. Are there any How-tos on setup?

How-to’s would vary by platform, so first step would be deciding on what system you want to use to tie things together (Home Assistant, ST, Hubitat, etc) - I’d start there.

One thing to consider when choosing any such system is ease-of-entry or “how fast can I be up & running”… But ease there can come at the cost of overall system robustness & long-term capability - I’m not saying that’s a direct correlation, but it’s something to consider as you’re making your choice.

SmartThings is a common place to start (been around a long time etc), and may very well serve your needs well if your setup will remain pretty simple. Home Assistant has a steeper learning curve and many more hardware setup options (HA hardware is DIY), but it’s the most powerful & widely capable overall option. Hubitat is somewhere in between. There are other options too (eg Homey), but the “big 3” are HA, ST and Hubitat – each has a strong community of users to lean on for support.

Good luck!