Help with Notification Colors on Hubitat

In the Hubitat driver the “Led Bar Color” has named color options: White, Blue, Red, etc., and the Custom “LED Bar Color” is a numerical value 0-360 that displays a useful color wheel for choosing the color. Both of these make sense. However, the “Led Effect Color” (what would be used in notifications) is looking for a numerical “Color” value 0-255. This does not correspond to either of the other options and there is no way to know what those value correspond to.

Is there a list somewhere?

Can the driver be updated to include the named colors or to at least have the numerical values correspond to the numbered values that has the color wheel chart?

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My recommendation would be to use the Inovelli Community driver. If you have Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), then it can be installed directly from there. (I assume you are using the built-in driver…)

Once « installed » with HPM, go to the device and select it from the driver drop-down list.

From that driver, there are a lot more options.

I am using the Inovelli community manager and the most recent driver. Setting notification requires a 0-255 hue value and there is no indication what that means.

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As I understand it, the Hue values are typically 0-360, but in the firmware, they go from 0-255. I think that to convert them from one to the other, the color value would need to be divided by 360, then multiplied by 255 to give the value to put in the driver.

So as an example, green would be 120/365*255 = 85

Tagging @mamber in case there’s something I’m missing…

This is the color wheel.

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That color wheel does not apply to the notification function in the driver. It only accepts values 0-255.

Ahh I see now.

Does the Nathan’s tool match the colors for Blues?

That’s a little more helpful, but it still isn’t clear to me how I would include notifications in rules.

The Mini-LED dashboard is helpful for simple things, but doesn’t include all the options available in the driver and is complicated if you want to set multiple LEDs simultaneously.

Use the “custom command” action in your rules. Then you can use the features of LedEffectAll, LedEffectOne, and setParameter that are available in the driver

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I found that, the problem is there is no documentation on what gets entered if you are doing LedEffectOne for example. It asks for String/decimal/number with no example of how those should be entered. In the driver, LedEffectOne gives you options of LEDnum, effect, color, level, duration.

Here’s an example of my driveway motion. Just note you add each parameter; don’t type 8, 180, 20, 71 into the one parameter line. Use “number”.

Ok, but what do 8, 180, 20, 71 correlate to?

Is there documentation anywhere on how to set that up?

Those are the output from the calculator

It literally refers back to the driver.

First parameter is effect.
Second parameter is color.
Third is level.
Fourth is duration.


If you are using LEDeffectOne, would you enter 5 parameters? 1st parameter being LED number?

Yep. I just tested it.


Here are the possible numeric values for LEDnum. This comes straight off the custom driver page.

Note that in the example provide by harjms, he’s sending the number 567 which means the effect will apply to LEDs 5, 6, and 7

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