Help with red series dimmer config

I have installed another red series dimmer in a different location, but also a 3-way. Previously I had issues with an on/off in another location and through that I learned a lot about the wiring etc and that I needed a dimmer there as well.

In this new location, the switches are controlling 6 cree BR30 led’s in my kitchen. I have everything wired and working, device handler installed and set up as well. There is buzzing with these bulbs…but it did that before as well, I have just come to deal with it. According to the app, at 90%, they are drawing 43 watts. These are dimmable bulbs.

What I am having trouble with is setting the speeds and rates to have them do what I want. Where I put the other dimmer, those act as on/off because they are non dimmable bulbs. That was easy, set everything to 0.

In this new location, I have everything again set to 0 while testing so they are acting as on/off. This is what I would like to have them do:

  1. Always default to full on and full off when turned on and off respectively by the switch or through my hub. (I have this working)
  2. Once on, if I wish, be able to dim down by holding the down toggle. I have set the minimum to 5%. I should also be able to dim back up by holding the up toggle. I have the maximum set to 90%.

I have tried playing with the dimming speed and rate but I cannot seem to make this happen. I would also like the dimming to be smooth and not stepped if possible. Not sure if this can happen though with my bulbs.

ok I mostly have it…but I think I found some issues.

I currently have both dimming speeds set to default of 3, and both ramp rates set to 0. I have the minimum level set to 5% and maximum set to 90%. Default level set to 90%, default level for z wave 90% and state after power restored 90%. Like this, this is what I see:

  1. From the switch, on goes immediately to 90%, and off is off, exactly what I want.
  2. From smartthings, on is ramping up to 90% and off ramping down then off; not what I want.
  3. From the switch, dimming goes below 5% (down to 1%) and up goes to 99% even though I have the min/max set to 5/90.
  4. From smartthings, dimming goes down to 0 and up 99.

ok, I do have almost everything figured out. The only “issue” I have is #2 above.

From the switch, it’s almost immediate on and off but from smartthings, on ramps up and off ramps down. Why are they acting different when I have them set the same?

guess I just needed to spend some more time with the settings. I do feel some of the wording could be simplified/made more clear but I have figure out everything I was looking to do.