Hitting config button by accident

Currently I’m evaluating different smart switches. The Inovelli 2-1 Red Series has everything I need and more. But I have one issue:

The config button has the potential to get into the way of the most basic operation: turning on the light. Say you walk into a dark room and hit the wall where you approximately assume the switch is (especially as a guest). If at any point of your push action the config button and the upper part of the rocker switch are both in the down state, the light will not turn on. The order of the down or up transitions do not matter. Nothing will happen.
I have searched through this forum and looked at all parameters but could not find an option to make this work or figure out a work around. What am I missing? Or is there no solution with the current firmware? I know there are a number of logical states to consider with each combination of button events. But IMO it should be possible to work around that without losing functionality. If not, I would even rather disable the config button entirely.

Again, I doubt I’m the first one to ran into this, so I’m sorry if my first post on this great forum is a dupe.

Typically, when the switch is off, the LED can be illuminated dimly so that when you walk into a dark room you can see where the switch is and you do not have to “approximately assume” anything.

Do you own a Red 2-1 or are you going by older posts? While this was brought up as an issue quite some time ago, Inovelli has reduced the height of the config button to mitigate this issue. I don’t recall seeing it discussed as an issue since then.

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I do own a few Red 2-1 switches that I purchased within the last two weeks. I have installed them in a few different scenarios (on/off, 4-way dimmer with dumb switches, single dimmer). They identify in HomeAssistant as Firmware 1.2.0, which I take it is the latest 1.02 (I got the switches from Amazon).
Anyway, since this has been known for some time I suppose it will not be addressed as a firmware change down the road. Also I found that HomeAssistant receives key events in my described scenario, so I can turn on the lights that way I suppose (sorry, I’m rather new to this). Thanks for your response.

When the Blue 2-1 came through beta the config button was shorter, but the overall (not all) decision was to make it a bit taller than first round but shorter than the Gen 2 Red/Black series switches. For the OG folks there was a instructable or .stl file uploaded and many of us had new config buttons 3D printed to shorten the height of the button.

Thanks !!! I didn’t even consider that route. I found this on Thingyverse: Inovelli Switch Config Button by pFiftyThree - Thingiverse which will likely solve my problem.

@Mik - Just make sure that config button will work on the new generation switches.