Holding config causes LEDs to change colors

I got a Blue 2-1 set up to control some Hue bulbs with Zigbee binding through ZHA in Home Assistant.

I also added some automations. One is based on holding down the config button. I realized, though, that holding the config button causes the LED to change color. This seems to happen even when all config hold automations are disabled.

When holding the config button with no automations for it enabled the LEDs change to:

  • Green after 5 seconds
  • Yellow after 10 seconds
  • Pink after 20 seconds

Is this expected behavior? Does it indicate something? It’s there a way to disable it?

Yes. If you hold config long enough you will enter the local setup mode.

I thought that was if you held config and up on the paddle to reset & reenter pairing mode.

Wouldn’t holding on config (for a long time) be a worthwhile automation? Changing the LED color during this hold seems to indicate that something is happening & that maybe isn’t desired for a user-based automation.

That’s correct. This is the sequence for a factory reset.

Yes, that’s the local setup mode I was referring to. That’s not the same as a factory reset. There are some settings that can be set on the switch independent of the hub. So when you long press on the config, you are going into that configuration mode, I think.

At a minimum, holding config will initially assess the Zigbee strength. For that you hold config about 10 seconds until it turns green, the next color after you release depicts the signal strength. The responses are green, yellow and red, so I have no idea where the pink is coming from, lol.

Oh, okay. Any docs for the signal strength indication?

Also, the yellow appears while still holding, and the pink shows up after holding even longer. No release was required after green. So slightly different, but I guess still in the realm of how that may have been programmed to work.

Blue Series 2-1 Switch • Button Combinations, Quick Tap Sequences & Local Configuration Options | Inovelli Help Center Documents all the various config modes and signal test available from the switch

Ok, I see now for two of them:

  • Green after 5 seconds: signal strength
  • Yellow after 10 seconds: local configuration mode
  • Pink after 20 seconds: still don’t know

Thanks for the help so far…

Any way to disable or override this?