Home Assistant - NZW31 Showing Up As Zooz (Willis Electric)

I recently moved from ST to Home Assistant and when I migrated one of my NZW31’s over, it’s showing up as “Zooz (Willis Electric) Unknown: type=1f00, id=1f00” instead of an Inovelli NZW31.

I have a different NZW31 on the same system that is showing it’s correct details.

I’ve tried excluding/including it back to HA multiple times. I also excluded it, did a factory reset on the dimmer (10 UP presses) and then re-included it. Still no luck.

It seems to be functioning correctly, I’m just confused why it’s showing up as a Zooz dimmer when it clearly is an Inovelli based on all the markings on the metal and plastic…


Good morning @alternator – yeah, this was a side-effect of sharing the same manufacturer as Zooz (Willis Electric) for our Gen 1’s. I think there was a small batch that they put the wrong MFRID on the switches :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure how to fix it in HA, but maybe there are some others who can help with that as we did have more parameters that you could adjust on our switches if you’re interested.