Home Assistant/SmartThings integration

Hi all,

I purchased the latest Red series switch (Non-dimmer), and am using SmartThings as my zwave radio, with Home assistant handling my automations.

I’m able to toggle the switch and view power/energy reports from home assistant, however I cannot control the LED/notifications, as any notifications are set up as child devices.

Are there any alternative device handlers or something similar, that might expose notifications as separate devices, or possibly expose the LED directly?

Hey @abhishekjain – first, thanks so much for joining the community and taking the time out to post. It means a lot and hopefully we can get you squared away.

While I likely can’t help you here (I have a pretty simple setup with SmartThings), I’d like to at least understand the setup a bit further so I can try my best to help and/or tag a few others who may be able to help.

So, when you say you’re using ST as your Z-Wave Radio, do you mean that all the devices are connected to ST’s Hub and then from there, you’re using Home Assistant to automate everything?

In this case HA isn’t picking up the child devices that are created within SmartThings when you use the device handler and child device handlers, correct?

I think I’m tracking, but just want to make sure.

Hi @Eric_Inovelli,

Yes, that’s correct. My z-wave switches/locks are connected to ST’s Hub, and then HA is automating everything.

When I create a notification, it shows up as a child device in Smartthings, and I’m unable to automate or control this via HA, so yes, that’s correct.

One approach I’m working on testing is some sort of virtual switch in SmartThings to trigger the notification. The theory is the virtual switch should be exposed to HA, where the child device wouldn’t.

I’ll keep you updated on how that works, as a possible workaround for anyone else doing something similar.

Thanks for taking a look!

Awesome, ok – makes sense. The setup is above my paygrade lol – I just have ST running at my house and have no clue how Home Assistant works.

However our resident Level 10 Wizard, @EricM_Inovelli, may be able to shed some light lol.

Keep us posted on what you find as well!

Thank you for being so responsive, @Eric_Inovelli!

I’ve been able to get this to work using simulated switches connected to the notifications, which has been working well so far.

Are there any plans for a custom device handler that would allow controlling the LED directly, rather than creating notifications to use it?

Sorry @abhishekjain, I just saw this. I’m not familiar with HAs SmartThings integration but it seems like it doesn’t support child devices?

One workaround may be to have SmartThings create the child devices as separate “things”. You would need to change the following line of code, delete the child devices and then recreate them. You recreate them by clicking on the preferences “gear” icon and then hitting save.

The code change should be around line 415. The rest of the code below is for reference, but the only thing that has been changed is “isComponent” has been changed to “false”.

[1,2,3,4,5].each { i ->
    if ((settings."parameter8-${i}a"!=null && settings."parameter8-${i}b"!=null && settings."parameter8-${i}c"!=null && settings."parameter8-${i}d"!=null) && !childExists("ep${i}")) {
    try {
        addChildDevice("Switch Child Device", "${device.deviceNetworkId}-ep${i}", null,
                [completedSetup: false, label: "${device.displayName} (Notification ${i})",
                isComponent: false, componentName: "ep${i}", componentLabel: "Notification ${i}"])

I also have this setup and am researching my options. If I make this change in my device handler, do I lose out on anything on the smart things side? I guess im just asking what the benefit of making it a “child device” is?

There isn’t anything you would be missing out on if you change the device handler. The only difference is how the notification devices show up in SmartThings. The default way is for it to not show up in the “Things” list but to be able to select it in SmartApps. It seems that when they are created in this way, some external integrations (home assistant) can’t see them.

Changing the device handler as shown will make it so that the child devices do show up in the Things list as separate devices. That is the only difference.

I realize this thread is a bit old, but I came across it while searching on a similar issue. I’m also using SmartThings as my Z-Wave controller and hass.io (Home Assistant) for automations.

In hass, the Inovelli switch seems to only have on/off capabilities on the single button press. I’m looking to be able to use the other functions, double tap, etc.

@Eric_Inovelli - I wasn’t quite sure on your steps. I did find the place in the Device Handler code to update isComponent to “false” (line 486), but are you able to elaborate on how to proceed from there? Delete “inovelliUSA : Switch Child Device” from my device handlers? Get to the gear icon somehwere within the SmartThings app?

Thanks for any additional help!

Which code are you referring to. My Device Handler in Smartthings is InovelliUSA: Inovelli Dimmer Switch Red Series LZW31-SN dated 2020-11-13.
At lines 415… there is bunch of numbers with 5x Minutes.
I am completely lost. Where and how would I see child entities?

Hi. The thread that you responded to is over a year old and it pertains to Home Assistant’s Smartthings integration. But I’ll try to get you on the right path.

@EricM_Inovelli was referring to child devices that are or can be created in SmartThings via (at the time) a new device handler. It’s not clear if you are trying to understand what child devices are or if you’re just trying to understand how to create them. Post back with a couple details of what you are trying to figure out more specifically and we’ll get you going.

Thank you for a very quick reply.
I have 4 Inovelli dimmers installed at my home. I installed them over one year ago and I was using then with Smarthings. I recently installed Home Assistant (two months ago) and going a very difficult process of learning how to use it.
I can turn my switches on/off and set the brightness using Node Red in Home Assistant, I would now go further and be have to use the switch (2,3,4) functionalities as well as being able to trigger and set the led as result of action happening (example door left unlocked at 20:00)

Ok, I understand now. Unfortunately, I’m on ST, and not familiar with HA. There are a bunch of HA users here, so hopefully one will be able to help!