Hot Temp Red Dimmer Switch

What would cause my Red Dimmer to be hot to the touch after being on? I have 16 LED wafer lights at 15w each connected to the switch in a 3 way configuration. This should be below the wattage limit. The screws on my cover plate get to 120 degrees.

What’s the cause? All the connections at the switch are tight and all the fins are still connected

Is this normal?

Do you have both sets of heat sink tabs or did you need to remove any to fit next to another switch?

Building on what @harjms is asking

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@harjms @stu1811 Yes, all 6 tabs are still there.

Can you link the wafers? I feel like extra heat may be generated with ELV vs MLV.

I’m curious as to what ELV and MLV is, could you explain what they are to me?

This one is pretty good -

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Awesome, thanks for that.

If you need more explanation, I’m sure there’s an EE somewhere on here. Hopefully that helps explain it a bit.

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These are the lights I purchased.

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