Hourglass for LED Notifications

It’d be really great if there was an hourglass option for the LED strip on the Dimmer switches. Currently I have it set so when I press down twice it will flash yellow for 30 seconds before turning off. This allows me to get into bed, etc. However what I’d love to see is the ability for the LED strip to “count down” like an hourglass for however long I want and then at the end of that notification execute some action. Is this a thing we can program into the child/notification devices?

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I’m using the Hubitat hub and have it set up as a rule, currently.

Hey, so are you thinking something like an animation that you set?

So, let’s say you want the LED notifier to count down from 1 minute and then at the end, execute a central scene command or something?

Pretty much, yeah! So like how when you turn a dimmer switch off the LED strip cycles down from 100% on to 0 over the course of like a half second or so. I’d love for there to be an option that when you activate that notification it keeps the bulbs on but does that 100-0 LED Strip cycle over the timeframe you give it and then executes a scene/action.

So, for instance, I say “I want a 5 minute timer for the lights to turn off” so I program in “5 minutes” and the notification LED crawls down from 100 to 0 over 5 minutes, and then turns the light off. I’m using a Hubitat hub so turning the light off isn’t the problem, but there’s no way to have that option as a LED notification setting (i.e., LED Effect Type - Countdown as an option).

Just to give me a sense of “how much time do I have before the lights turn out” if I’m taking out my contacts or something. Currently I have it set to flash yellow for 30 seconds and have caught myself in a dark room before I hopped into bed because I got distracted!

I can also see this being really useful for kids’ rooms like “you can read until the timer runs out” sort of thing if the LED notification is not related to the actual power for the light.

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Gotcha, yeah that’s a pretty cool idea! I sent this to @EricM_Inovelli to pass onto the manufacturer. Let’s see if they can pull it off!

Cool! Excited to see what happens!

@Eric_Inovelli would this be something that would come out in a firmware update or similar?

Yeah - I can’t promise we can do it, but if we are able to pull it off, it would be via firmware for sure.

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I would like to second this. I am thinking about using this as a bathroom fan timer via Home Assistant integrations. If a bathroom fan is not recomended, then a light timer would be nice too. A countdown indicator would be a great addition to the notification types.