How do I get all triggers for a switch in Home Assistant?

I am using the 2-1 Blue with HA via z2m.

But when I look for triggers in HA, there is only as simple set: up_double, up_single, down_single:

How do I get these gazillion of configurations options incl the config button?
For example, 5x tap down.
Or 5x config button tap.
Or even combined things like holding one button while tapping another (or a sequence)?

The code it generates looks like this:

platform: device
domain: mqtt
device_id: 950e550c58d187cf905e0dbafe7fdbdc
type: action
subtype: up_double
discovery_id: 0x943469fffe08922e action_down_triple

I can add down_double by just replacing it in the code (down_double is not part of the dropdown menu!) . However, everything more complicated I don’t know how to even write in code.

Based on this thread you can also try just tapping through all of the button presses from the switch and they should end up showing up there in a little bit (2x down as the next example, etc). I believe if you’re only changing the subtype name (in the code example provided) that it’s going to be the same button press just with a new name in the UI which isn’t going to work the way you intend. You’d need to perform the appropriate button combo on the switch, see what the event looks like, and then replace that in the discovery_id portion as well.

I just used this blueprint