How do I invoke the led_effect_complete Zigbee command? And where is its documentation?

I’m playing around with my Blue 2-1 in Home Assistant (with ZHA) and I have been able to trigger notifications via the “Issue effect for individual LED” device action. I don’t see a device action to cancel an ongoing notification, but I found the led_effect_complete zigbee cluster command:

However, when I try to issue the command, I get an error message saying the cluster command is not supported:

What am I doing wrong here? (My device reports firmware version 0x0102020f, which is what it shipped with.)

More generally, where can I find documentation on the cluster commands and their parameters? I see documentation on the attributes in the manual, but not the commands, unless I’m missing something!

If I’m understanding correctly, you want to end an ongoing notification?

By default, you can either double-click the config button on the switch, or if you go through that same ‘issue effect’ command, just use effect 255 - “Clear” to end it.

Edit re documentation - this is the newer help site and links to the toolbox where you can see what the different effects look like, etc too.

Just to also note, if you’re looking to issue LED effects in Home Assistant with ZHA, the best way to do that is going to be through an automation. You’ll be able to just pick the effect type there without having to know what the number is, etc -

Thanks — effect 255 to clear makes more sense.

Then what is this led_effect_complete command for? Is it not actually available and shows up incorrectly in the UI?

I don’t remember offhand to be honest and would have to dig into it. I do not believe it’s used as-is though from a quick check.

Not sure if its fully implemented on HA, but on Hubitat it’s a response from switch to hub. It lets the hub know when a notification has timed out (duration has elapsed) or the user cleared it via config button.