How do I know if I've flashed both Targets successfully?

Doing a firmware upgrade across my switches, and I wasn’t keeping track of whether some switches got the Target 1 (not 0) upgrade. Is there a way to tell if I’ve skipped over a switch? The FW version number has updated.

Depending on what version you started at and what you went to, maybe there’s a feature change in the release notes that you can use as a clue like the white was.

If there is an official way at this point, I’d like to know it too … but the last time I did a round of upgrades (before the one I just did) … I went up to 1.47, and they had added the ability to set the LED bar to white; which didn’t work without the target 1 flash being successful, so you could use that as a test.

It’s not a good answer, but maybe it’ll help.

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You can see the .otz version, but not the .bin as far as I’m aware.

Curious, what does the second target impact? I know each hits a different chip, but not sure what each does for the switch. That may be a working-backwards clue like @kitt001 mentioned.

Also, I heard that paying attention while flashing helps :smiley:

My understanding, but don’t quote me, is that the target 0 processor handles the switch and z-wave functions … the target 1 processor is exclusively for controlling the LED bar.

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