How do the switches deal with power cuts?

I’m planning on taking the plunge with a load of White series switches. I live in Florida, and we’re coming up to thunderstorm season when our third-world power system likes to cut out. I’m sure things work fine when the power goes out for a few minutes and then comes back on, but what causes problems for a lot of smart home tech is the momentary outages where the power flicks off for less than a second. This often confuses the tech and it needs to be manually restarted.

Can anyone advise on how well the Inovelli switches deal with this? Do they ‘reboot’ quickly enough? Do they get stuck and have to be power cycled manually? Not so bad when it’s a handful of non-critical smart devices, but I imagine it would be a real pain having to airgap 20 switches before we could turn a light on!

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In general, they reboot just fine. Can’t say specifically for the white as it has not yet been released.

With power outages, I’d be more concerned about the surges that tend to be smart switch killers. Inovelli is no different than other smart switches in that the surge that results from an outage can kill a smart switch. I’d look into getting a whole house surge suppressor in your panel.

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I’ve got a breaker panel surge protector, so hopefully no expensive full house replacements!

I’m not sure myself… I do have 10 RED 2-1 (Project Phoenix) switches and absolutely LOVE them!! Where I live in Phoenix, I have very good and reliable power. Only get an outage during any really bad Monsoon storms when a microburst hits (about 80+ MPH winds and a step down from a tornado, sometimes a funnel cloud forms), but thats only because I am far north west of the city and in the desert. So my stations I feed from are in those areas. In my new house i’ve lived in/built 5 years ago now, I’ve had two outages, one was a “blip” for just a second and one was full outage until the strom passed and APS was able to get a line restored (about 30 min). Otherwise, my entire life living here in Phoenix area, I can count all the power outages in my entire 39 years on one, maybe two hands…

When I did have that BLIP just a second of outages, ofcourse my rack of 7 servers and network devices all bounced and had to be re-booted to restore, but the switches all worked fine once my HA server reboot completed… the only issues i’ve had is with any smart bulbs, now some if you have two or three quick power blips, it resets them to factory and you have to re-adopt them and all thtat… a super PITA… but the Inovelli switches, never had an issue, even with a blip for a few seconds.

Now this is for my RED series (Z-Wave) as that is my prefered tech as i find is so much more reliable and faster/better then Zigbee. But my few Zigbee devices around my house also dont have any issues with any blips. only the Home Assistant server itself.

I run my HA server in a VMware High Availability cluster, so, the only way I can prevent that is putting my rack on a battery UPS and all my network gear and my fiber to the home ONT on battery backups… which is ALOT. But if you are running you HA on a Raspberry Pi or something like that, you can build a small UPS for it to run thru, so it stays up and running… If only Zwave/Zigbee could be dual adopted, or HA could run in a multi server HA (high availability) config then I would run a second one on a Rpi5 and have it running through a home made battery backup…

Good to hear. Unfortunately, they’ve decided in Florida (you know, that hurricane-prone state which has the most lightning in the US) to put most of the electrical lines overground meaning I can sometimes count the number of power outages on one hand… every day of the summer.

I already have a UPS on my server and internet as I was tired of getting kicked offline for momentary blips, so that shouldn’t be a concern.

I live in the Tampa, FL area. I have 12 blue series and 1 red series. I have a Powerwall for whole home backup power generation. I’ve never had an issue. Even with the switch from solar/Powerwall to grid and back.

Sometimes my Hue bulbs will flicker, but a simple on/off via the app or switch fixes the issues quickly. Even my wife has no complaints.

I’m in Tampa too, so that’s good to hear! As an aside, who did your solar and do you have any problems with insurance after getting it on your roof?

I went with Tesla. No issues with insurance.