How do you add red switches in Home Assistant in Long Range Mode

Hello. I am having trouble with the final steps of adding my new Red switches in Home Assistant in Long Range mode. I am using Z-wave JS UI. These are the steps I’ve followed so far.

  1. Go to Smart Start tab of the Z-wave JS UI
  2. Click the SCAN button.
  3. Scan the QR code of the switch.
  4. The switch appears in the Smart Start page.
  5. Click Z-WAVE button so it becomes Z-WAVE LONG RANGE
  6. Click the Active toggle.

I am stuck here. What do I do with the switch itself? If this was a battery operated switch, I will need to wake it up by pressing the button a few times.

Usually you press the config button three times. Try that?

I tried that but unfortunately it did not pair.

Exclude it (general) and then try to re-pair.

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Have you added long range security keys in Z-Wave JS settings?

I don’t use long range, but for Smart Start I just reset the device and wait. It will sometimes start right away or sometimes take a few minutes to start. Power cycle it if it doesn’t add. Reset by holding up and config for >20s. The 2-1 have started adding immediately after resetting for me.

Putting a switch into pairing mode by clicking config 3x has never started adding a device using Smart Start for me.

Make sure you save the Smart Start data, a recent update deleted it all on me yet again.