How do you work this thing?

Hey Guys. I’m Nathan and I need help. Don’t judge me. :laughing:

I’m trying to have the lights in my Kitchen and Living Room do 2 things at 10:30pm. I want both of these actions to take place over 15 minutes.

  1. Turn from whatever color they are to blue
  2. Go from whatever brightness they are to 25.

I was able to figure out half of it but have no idea how to do the rest. I was searching around Hubitat’s Community and I’m not sure it’s even possible but if it is, I’m positive someone here knows how to do it.

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Quick question, are these lights always on or not? If kitchen lights aren’t on, do you want them to turn on and begin to fade?

They typically go on at sunset to 6500k and are still on come 10:30. If they are off, i’d like them to stay off but since I make a lot of trips to the fridge after 10:30, they’ll probably be on.

Just doing some brainstorming here. I’m the worst for coding because I’d have 1000 lines of code that someone can replicate in 20.

First I’d place all your lights in a group that you want to control. In my example living room lamp consists of two Ilumin bulbs. I control the one “device” instead of multiples.

I didn’t use a trigger, instead I used a conditional action. Not sure if it’ll work. Like I said there’s a lot smarter people than me. @bcopeland could probably pump something out in a few lines.

I’ll have to try that out. I think the challenge is getting it to go from whatever color it is to blue over the 15 minute interval.

I totally missed that part. I thought at 1030 turn lights to blue then fade down. But you want it to transition from red to blue and fade over the course of 15 minutes. Similar to the white color transitions “3k to 5k”. That is definitely above my head. I’ll have to refer to people like @bcopeland to answer.

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You need a trigger. Make the trigger 10:30pm the option is in there.

@tivomaniac - Understand. Thought the if 1030 statement was an action, then that would technically be the trigger. I feel like I’ve set this up on my old setup but can’t find it now; however the item i missed is that @anon14959390 wanted the color of the bulb to take place over the 15 minute as well. So starting at 1030, all bulbs start fade from >25% to 25% while also transitioning from yellow, green, red, pink etc… to blue. I was thinking he wanted it to turn blue exactly at 1030 and then proceed to fade.

This is right. I already have the dimming automation working but don’t know how to make the bulbs change color over the 15 minutes too.

There is a change color temperature over time, but I don’t see a change color over time option. If the device driver supports the function, you can always run a custom command to accomplish that action.

Have you tried to do this with scene transitions in groups and scenes?
I’ve never used them, but they might work here. If I get some time later, I might give it a shot just to see.

Never thought of this. On the list to try tonight. Thanks!

Hey @anon14959390 I think you’ll need another app to do the blue fade/change. If you have the Hubitat Package Manager - install Lighting Effects by bptworld. You can change colors over a certain amount of time.

Thanks @TemptingTime. I’ll have to check that out too.