How to add LED child to Red Switch?

So I just realized when I started setting my hubitat up I only installed the driver for the dimmers before pairing some of my dimmers and switches. So the switches are missing the LED child option. I have since added the switch driver as well, but how do I get the LED child to show up? Someone at Hubitat suggested I should have a toggle to add a child device, but I don’t have that option.

Figured it out. In case anyone after me comes, you have to change the device type to inovelli switch red series. then for some reason i had to make a change to LED Effect Color - Notification 1 and the child showed up.

You’ll definitely have to change the driver (that’s what “Type” refers to in your reply). Adding code for a custom driver won’t make any existing devices use it, so you’ll have to switch it manually. After changing the driver, you do have to “Save Device” (to actually apply the drive change), but then you should see the “Create LED child device” preference that was mentioned to you. After enabling the preference to create the LED child device, you’ll similarly also have to hit “Save Preferences” (to apply this change).

You would have had to do that for the Notification 1 child device too if you actually wanted to use that feature (not sure if you are), but that’s a different feature and wouldn’t be affected by this. “Save Preferences” was likely the trick. Glad you got something figured out in any case!