How to: Blue Series, Zigbee2MQTT, Node Red

Hey everyone, I’m relatively green when it comes to Zigbee2Mqtt and Node Red but I figured I’d share how I was able to get the two to work together for notifications and scenes.

  1. Fire up node red and go to Manage Pallette:


  1. Go to install and type in the following:

  1. Our reference going forward for payloads will be from the following: Inovelli VZM31-SN control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

  2. Let’s make a notification happen. Insert a zigbee2mqtt out node


  1. Edit and set up your MQTT server information by clicking hte pencil next to the Serve and put in your information.

  1. Select your device. Command will be JSON {}

  1. Click the three … next to payload

  2. Lets make the notification do a slow chase, white at full brightness for 10 seconds

  1. Now lets test it out. Insert an inject node just before your mqtt out node.


Hit Deploy and click the check box next to inject and voila.

  1. Rinse, reuse repeat. Hope this is helpful for some.