How to capture Inovelli's debugging logs via HA

Hi, I’m having the issue with my 3-way switches (one dumb) that they just turn off after a few minutes. Given I’m running the latest firmware that is supposed to fix this, I’m going to need some detailed logs to help Inovelli. How do I get all the switch deets into HA? I’m tailing OZW_Log.txt right now.

I know there are detailed logs because when I was using ST, I saw in the device settings that I could enable debug trace logging.

@jtronicus and @doublepedaldylan – you guys are our resident HA people – any way you could help @nic out when you get a chance in regards to logs?

The OZW_Log.txt file should already be logging every command OZW sends and receives. Is there some additional detail you are looking for?

Are you referring to Logs from Home Assistant? If so, and you have the logbook enabled (and are using the latest version of HA), you may be able to filter the logbook to get a better idea about what is turning the light off:

To my knowledge though, I dont think you can export the data from the logbook into a simple text file.

Thanks for the quick reply, wasn’t sure if that was enough detail, as I’d seen that parameter setting on the Switch for detailed logging - and I’m new to HA. Wasn’t sure what else they sent over, and if there was a deeper config param inside HA to enable that data to populate something.

At the high level, when this issue happens, all you see is a command to turn the light off, which isn’t much to go on.

I didn’t know about the Logbook, will check there. Thanks!