How to configure parameters for red series dimmers

I just switched over to Hubitat from ST. In switching over, I lost all my configurations for my switches and now am unable to find the documentation and how tos for installing Hubitat drivers and how to edit the parameters for the switches. (it’s been a long time since I did all of this). Would some kindly point me to this documentation?

This assumes you are installing an LZW31-SN red series dimmer per title.

Thanks! You assumed correctly. A couple of followup questions.

  1. Do I need to exclude the switches from the network before I install the device driver or can I install the driver , do the edits and then exclude and re-include the switches?

  2. Is it better to exclude the switches using the hub or do the 20 second button press?

Probably easier to just walk around your house and reset the switches instead of excluding the switches one at a time.

Reset the Zwave part of the Hubitat hub too. If you can’t reset the hub then consider excluding each device.

Thanks for your response.