How to disable power meter report?

I don’t need the power meter/report in the switches so I thought I could turn them off which I believe could bring the benefit reducing traffic in my network.

Anyways, I followed some instuctions I found in the community.
For the LZW-30-SN I set parameters 10 and 12 to 0 (I’m on Hubitat)


But I still get some reports as these in my logs:

dev:2692021-07-28 06:59:10.127 pm debugMaster Bedroom Switch: MeterReport(meterType: 1, precision: 1, scale: 2, size: 4, meterValue: [0, 0, 0, 0], rateType: 1, deltaTime: 0, previousMeterValue: [])
dev:2692021-07-28 06:59:09.396 pm debugMaster Bedroom Switch: MeterReport(meterType: 1, precision: 3, scale: 0, size: 4, meterValue: [0, 0, 0, 0], rateType: 1, deltaTime: 3600, previousMeterValue: [0, 0, 0, 0])
dev:3092021-07-28 06:57:56.297 pm debugMaster Bedroom Fan/Light Switch: MeterReport(scale: 0, rateType: 1, scale2: 0, deltaTime: 0, previousMeterValue: [0, 0, 0, 0], meterType: 1, precision: 3, size: 4, meterValue: [0, 0, 8, 129])
dev:3092021-07-28 06:57:55.677 pm debugMaster Bedroom Fan/Light Switch: MeterReport(scale: 2, rateType: 1, scale2: 0, deltaTime: 0, previousMeterValue: [], meterType: 1, precision: 1, size: 4, meterValue: [0, 0, 0, 9])

This particular switch:

  • LZW30
  • Firmware 1.21
  • Inovelli device driver 2021-05-25

Try setting 11 to 0 as well. I’m getting mixed results with all three set to zero, but I’m also on a range of firmwares. One on 1.20 has not been reporting power with all three set to zero.


Does anyone know how to completely disable power reports for the latest v1.61 firmware for LZW31-SN (dimmers)?


I too have this issue. I posted this elsewhere, but this seems the most appropriate place to post it:

I am using a Hubitat C7 hub and Inovelli Red Dimmers. This one switch is using firmware 0 of 1.161 and firmware 1 of 1.45. I set params 18, 19, and 20 to 0. However, every 10 minutes I am still getting reporting. How do I stop these reports? I find it disappointing that one replied to the post by silencery since it went up January 17 and it is already April 8. But, hopefully, this will revive the thread.

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 8.52.50 AM

BTW, I also tried going the other way and maximized the values for 18, 19 and 200 (the bottom 3 lines of the log report below) but as you’ll see, I’m still getting the reports in every 10 minutes.

I believe I just answered this for you on your Hubitat Community post — no need to be vague about where “elsewhere” is, and it might be helpful for people who read both forums (as many do) to not duplicate efforts. :slight_smile:

But tl;dr, something looks like it’s calling refresh(), and I don’t think this is related to parameters:


So I finally figured it out. All of those messages, which were being generated by the refresh() command, were becasue I had debug logging enabled (which is the default). I hadn’t thought of turning it off earlier as I had thought that would only send a message if there was an error to help trace it (i.e. “debug” it). But, with debug logging on it sends a refresh() command every 10 minutes.

That got rid of 99%+ of the messages. I do have 2 Hue bulbs, and they only have text logging, which I turned off, but for some reason they still try to report in. But that leaves me with literally just 2 message every 10 minutes. I also left text logging on for my Ultraloq U-bolt door deadbolt as it reports the battery % and I can see that one day I may want to write a rule that if it gets to be < X % to send me a notification.

I don’t see anything obvious in their driver that would cause refresh() to be run when debug logging is enabled, but perhaps there is some convoluted chain of calls that would make that happen. However, it should be noted that disabling debug logging will hide the “refresh()” lines from the log, perhaps masking the fact that it is still being called, and will also hide some “raw” information coming back from the device (you may not see an “info” log unless it actually gets parsed into an event, which generally necessitates a state change), at least with conventional Hubitat logging. Inovelli’s drivers don’t exactly follow this, so your experience may vary, and again, I don’t use them so I can’t speak with experience.

So…I guess I just wouldn’t be so sure it’s really gone and the fact that it isn’t is just being hidden. :slight_smile: I suppose an easy way to tell would be to change the line that says if (debugEnable) log.debug "refresh()" to just log.debug "refresh()" (line 1385 in their LZW31-SN driver at the moment, but I’d just look for the code), and then you’ll always get a log entry and would know for sure. Seems odd no matter what the cause…

Thanks for helping much and with great detail but I’m not comfortable going into the code. I think I could find out by going into one of the devices and look at the last activity and then come back 10 minutes later to see if anything changed.

“Last Activity At” will be updated only if an event occurs, which is unlikely without a change. The change I mentioned above is very minor and would be easily reverted by just copying/pasting the original code back over (or using the “repair” option in Hubitat Package Manager if you prefer that option — and are using HPM). But up to you. :slight_smile: This just seems like a good way to verify if you are curious.